Skin Care 101 - Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

by - May 03, 2015


I was about to do a post about the dry shampoo I'm currently using but I thought I'd postpone it a bit because I was not in the mood to take photos.  Blame the pimple on my left cheek.

So, let's talk about skin care instead, shall we?

We all know that the skin around our eye area is more sensitive and delicate than the rest of our face. That's one reason why signs of aging tend to appear there first and that's the sole reason why eye creams were created.

What I hate about these eye stuff is the fact that they are usually expensive.  They come in small tubes and jars but companies sell them 2 to 3 times pricier than other skincare necessities.  So ridic!

But do we really need them?  Or is it just a marketing hype?  Hmmm... I don't know.  Personally, I just buy and use 'em to make sure that my eye area stays hydrated.  How about getting rid of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines?  Nope.  I don't expect my eye cream to do that for me.  Prevention?  Ahm, yea, maybe.  Repair?  Hmm, possibly.  If it's formulated that way, then thanks.  That would be awesome.

When I was looking for one, I stumbled upon Mizon's Snail Repair Eye Cream.  I've read good reviews online so I grabbed it and gave it a try.

As the label says, it contains a whopping 80% SSF of Snail Secretion Filtrate.  It claims to effectively brighten the eye area, prevent (plus repair) wrinkles and strengthen the skin's moisture barriers to further protect it from harmful environmental factors.

I'm not familiar with the rest of the ingredients but it's a relief to know that it also has hyaluronic acid, another fort-runner in the skincare department.  If you've spotted an irritant, let me know!

25 ml

It's housed in a jar and it comes with a small spatula, which I don't ever use because I think it's faster to use a clean finger. *wink

I don't use it on my face and I only use it at night so I guess this would last a few more months.

The cream itself is pretty thick but still easy to blend.  It doesn't melt off that fast when applied onto skin like some other watery creams but I love how fast-absorbing it is.  It glides like butter and it gives off moisture instantaneously.

What I love about it

  • almost scentless
  • doesn't sting the eyes (unless you really put it on your eyeballs! HAHA!)
  • soooooo hydrating
  • makes the skin supple 
  • keeps elasticity of skin
  • doesn't aggravate my fine lines and eye bags

I've been using it since February but I haven't noticed any dramatic improvements yet.  I can't share any long-term benefits so far but I'm pretty sure this guy is working hard.  I owe him a gooey and slimy thanks for moisturizing my eye area.

My under eye problem is still there.  It worsens whenever I have a bad sleep, whenever I don't have enough sleep or whenever I don't get to sleep at all.  But thank heavens because I don't see any sagging skin and additional fine lines.  

Overall, I'd still recommend this one or any other hydrating eye creams (or any other snail creams).  Whether or not you have an eye area dilemma, better to start preventing or repairing them as soon as you can.

What do you think?

Btw, you can order Mizon products from me.  I got this at around 600 php.  Not bad for 80% SSF, right?

your sweetest drug,

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