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by - June 11, 2015

Short hair again after 5 years!  No regrets.  Loving it.  Though I still have no idea how to style it.  I want to create a tousled, messy, just-got-out-of-bed look but I always fail.  Maybe I need hair tools?

Anyway, I thought I'd share my experience at Vivere Salon, SM Megamall branch.

I asked for a full hair color and haircut.  My budget was at 2,000 php (or slightly above) but I ended up paying 3,000++ including tip.  Oh well.  They did a good job so the damage was a bit neutralized.  HAHA!

So, they washed my hair and chopped it off before applying the hair color.  The salon is using Schwarzkopf Professional, a German brand.

I didn't feel any extreme irritations on my scalp and there's no overpowering scent as well.

I chose a dark brown color because I wanted to stay away from light borderline blonde kind of shades.  Besides, it tends to lighten overtime so I think it's a better option.

The whole thing took almost 2 hours.  The staff who assisted me was nice and perky so I got very comfortable, but of course, during the process, I was so nervous because I wasn't sure how the color would turn out.

I wanted to copy Jenn Im's hairstyle, the short, chic one she had before, but Sir Hector, the senior stylist recommended some layers.

Here are the before and after photos.

after my haircut in August 2014



one week after

most recent


  • I love the quality of color.  It hasn't lighten yet (hopefully it would stay that way for a looooong time).
  • I'm neutral about my haircut.  I had this same length and almost same style years ago so I got used to it very quickly.
  • Sir Hector did a good job at making the color even.  I had lighter sections before, which looked like highlights but the intensity of the new color on that area does not look different at all.  I remember them applying the color mix by sections - top part minus the roots, ends and roots.  I think he used varying color levels or tones (not sure what's the correct term for that).

  • It didn't cause drastic damage to my hair.  No dryness.
  • It bled after a few days of washing.  Poor towel.  
  • Hair color at Vivere Salon starts at 2000 php.  Adding another (or more) tube would cost you more and most of the time that's the case especially for long to super long hair length or if the exact color you want is a bit complicated.  

That's that!  Just a breathe of fresh life to my hair!  

What do you think?

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Happy long weekend, everyone!

your sweetest drug,

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