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by - July 03, 2015

If you've been a reader of le blog for quite some time now, you've probably noticed that I'm not into foundations (even the powder ones).  The closest one I got currently is my Tony Moly BCDation and the last actual foundation I used long time ago was from Maybelline.  I think it's from their Mineral makeup line.  After that one, I switched to BB cream and I loved the product so much that I've ultimately been in stick-with-you-forever kind of relationship with it for quite a while.

So yea, I've survived without a foundation in my makeup stash.  Uhm, actually, I don't know if that's something I should be truly happy about.

However, my feelings have changed somehow and I think my BB cream fandom is slowly fading away.  I still love it though and I'm about to buy another one.  #firstloveneverdies But lately, the makeup junkie in me tells me to give foundation another shot.

So thanks to Ms. Liz of Project Vanity, Beauty Bar PH and Happy Skin, I got a chance to try one!  What a perfect timing, right?  Not only did I get it free but also, it's from a booming, well-loved local brand!

Believe it or not, this is my first ever makeup from Happy Skin.  I haven't tried their popular Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies because I want to try lip crayons released before them first.  Oh well, it's just me.  :)

I randomly got Soft Beige, the lightest shade.  It's also available in Natural Beige and Warm Beige.  Nothing too light in the range since the brand is committed to create colors suited for Filipina skin.

Sadly, it's too light on me.  Not my perfect match but I was able to make it work because I'm currently using a slightly dark face powder (I apply it on top to set the foundation).  Maybe #2 shade is better?

Here's a swatch comparison.  My BCDation in Pink Beige is even lighter!  

Before diving into more details, can we just pause and look at the lovely packaging?  It's right up my alley because it's girly but without any "pink" action going on.

I believe it only comes in one size - 30 ml.

It's housed in a squeeze-bottle type of container.  The cap is well-secured and the tip does not release too much product.  Not ever.  Yay to a no-mess application!  

There's SPF 20 in the formula, which is good enough.  BB creams have higher but if you are using a separate sunscreen, this is no biggie.

The key ingredient here is hyaluronic acid, a great anti-wrinkle and moisturizing agent.  

The consistency is far from being very creamy, but not too liquid-y as well.  It's silky and blends like a dream with or without primer.  

It smells like typical foundations.  You know, that glue-ish scent?  But it's not annoying or anything.

What I love about it

  • well-made packaging
  • has SPF
  • easy to blend with a brush or fingers
  • feels light on skin
  • less sticky compared with others I've tried
  • doesn't feel greasy

  • gives medium to full coverage
  • even with two layers, still looks nice
  • gives a glowy finish (not fully matte)
  • evens out the skin tone while making it still look natural 
  • gives moisture 

  • gives an almost flawless look (pimple marks need more concealing)
  • diminishes the appearance of pores
  • sets quickly (I think skipping powder would be okay)
  • does not cake nor settle into fine lines in normal weather 

I used one layer of concealer for my under eyes and pimple marks (ugh! Can they just disappear?!)


When I tried applying a large amount, it looked like a mask.  Definitely, not cool.  So I recommend working with thin layers if you are building the coverage up. 

How about oil-control?  Hmm.  No drastic or obvious change.  Like I said , it doesn't give a matte finish so there's a bit of shine/glow.  When I'm wearing this foundation, my t-zone still starts to get shiny after 5 hours under normal/good weather.  However, I noticed that even with a good amount of excess sebum, it still looks okay on skin.

The only thing about it that could possible throw people off is the price.  I mean, 999 php could be hefty for some especially those on a budget.  There are also other drugstore foundations, local and international that come in a larger size and also work great.

Go spot my pimple marks! HAHA!

Wear time is also average.  Actually, it doesn't last all day err day on me because I tend to touch, wipe or blot my face.  It won't survive with too much sweat as well.

Overall, I think this hydrating liquid foundation is great for everyday use.  My "skin still looks like skin" with it on. #myskinbutbetter  

Yes, there's a noticeable foundation-like finish if I don't apply a thin layer but I love the natural, youthful glow.  I also see some similarities with BB Cream and tinted moisturizer because of the anti-aging, sun protection & moisturizing properties. 

What do you think?

Visit Happy Skin's website and like them on Facebook.

your sweetest drug,

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