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by - July 17, 2015

I found it!  The eyeliner that really stays on mah lids all day err day!

Ladies (and gents), here's a badass liquid liner by a Japanese brand, Kiss Me Heroine Make.

It's a liquid eyeliner that typically comes in like an ink-type of packaging.

When I saw it in my freebie bag, I got super excited.  The brand is known for waterproof and long-lasting makeup so I instantly knew what to expect from this one.  And if you're into that, make sure to add this brand to your list.

I love the purple and gold design, feeling oh-so royal.  HAHA!

Anyway, it's called Impact Liquid Eyeliner and it retails at 595 php.

Honestly, my biggest concern about liners like this is the brush.  They are normally long (about half an inch) and too flexible so they give me a hard time during application.  Some people prefer it though.  But personally, I find it difficult to control.  Plus, my shaky hand doesn't cooperate well.

This one is bendy too, however, I think the length of the wand helps.  It is not ultra-fine-tipped as well but it's still capable of drawing precise flicks.  

I like how the bristles stay together because that helps create neat lines.

Through thick & thin

Impact Liquid Eyeliner can draw in any width but in my opinion, it's best with medium to super thick and bold lines.  For fine, skinny lines, it's still okay but you'd need extra effort.  It would work only if you use the tip part of the brush.

What I love about it

Oh man!  It's black!  Or better yet, blackest!  Color payoff is amazing.  

The finish is exactly what I look for a liquid liner.  Matte and intense.

Once it sets, it doesn't go anywhere.  Just on your lids, babe.  Just on your lids.  

The line literally lasts all day.  There's very subtle fading which I think would only happen if you hardly rub it or if you have lids like mine - small and the area where I draw line on hits the lid's upper part.

What can I say?  It's really long-lasting.

It also dries up pretty fast.  It could be an issue for some but for me, it's perfect.  I hate waiting for my eyeliner to dry and if I accidentally look straight or up, #tableflip.  Again, it's because of how my eye lids "fold".

indoor lighting

And yes, it's waterproof.  I haven't tried splashing my face with water while wearing this eyeliner but on the back of my hand, it passed the test.

Watch this.

I tried erasing it using my fingers, with and without water and it survived!

It doesn't flake too.  It really doesn't know how to budge.  Nah-ah!

Using a regular foam cleanser is never enough to erase it off completely.  I always use makeup remover.

natural lighting

Even though it's in liquid formula, it doesn't "run" like crazy.  

I love how it creates the flick I like to wear, not too cat-eye-ish but I can still build up the wing if I like a fierce, dramatic and K-pop style.

indoor lighting

Almost perfect...

Too bad it doesn't cover up the lash lines very well but tight-lining using an eyeliner pencil or black eye shadow with eyeliner brush does the trick.  

after 10 hours

So here it is - the transfer.  But again, this happened because the area touches my upper lid.  I think this won't be a big deal if you're wearing dark eye shadow.  

There's also some smearing on my lower lash lines but that's not because of my liquid liner.  The black eye shadow I used to tight-line was the one to blame.  

Here's how it looked like after washing my face without using makeup remover prior.  

natural lighting

Overall, I think Impact Liquid Liner's lasting power is hard to beat.  It's the eyeliner that won't make you worry about smudging throughout the day unless you have monolids (or something like that). 

Application-wise, there's a bit of a learning-curve but once you get used to it, it would get steadier.  Using short strokes instead of trying to draw one straight line always works.  Sometimes, I use my eyeliner brush if I don't feel too confident that I could master a perfect line.

This is definitely for eyeliner rookies or pros who want intense lines, hate touch ups and desperately looking for a liner that would stay put and ideal for extended wear.  Perfect for hot summer days as it's sweat-proof and also for rainy season since it's waterproof.  How about tear-proof?  HAHA!

What do you think?

Oh!  And don't forget to buy a makeup remover too when you try this one!

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your sweetest drug,

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