BIGBANG MADE in Manila 2015

by - August 25, 2015

Best.  Night.  Ever.

Finally, here I am, blogging about this one magical evening.  No matter how I try to describe what and how I felt that moment, I don't know.  I still can't find the words.

Okay, hear me out before everything I say here starts to sound like a total nonsense to you.

I was there when they had their Alive Tour - somewhere in the farthest seats at the balcony.  What I saw was, let's be honest, not 100% satisfying because hello, Gen Ad.  But it's still a thrilling moment for me.  No one to blame except myself because Kris and I didn't plan it at all.

And then, le bad boys made an epic comeback.  The Made Tour happened.

There was a ticket pre-selling event two months before the concert and Kris lined up early in the morning, under the heat of the sun, surrounded by the excited VIP's just for me.  Ah huh!  A round of applause puh-lease!

The night before, our tickets got upgraded to VIP Dance.  Thanks to Kris' friend!!!  She's a heaven sent!

You might have seen Meg (upper right) if you're there too!  She's also the one who got us BIGBANG Light Stick!  Thank youuuuu!

I'll stop the talking here and just let you watch some of my favorite parts and check out the photos we took.  More videos on my Youtube channel!

When the concert intro was playing, we could already see them standing behind the screen.  And the moment it split, my heart skipped a beat.

Thanks to whoever decided to put a moving ramp!!!  

I was literally crying because it felt sooooooo surreal!!  Finally, I got to see them that close. 

Kris was so star-struck with Ji Yong oppa.  HAHA!  

His every move was perfect.

And then, Bad Booooooyy!!!  I really like their new rendition and of course, honey Bae's adlibs!  I was screaming and trying to pull myself together.

You must check out their dance at the end.


Say hello to Prince Charming - T.O.P.  Apparently, he's the favorite of Nike Bear.

Only GD can rock a pink suit!  HAHA!

This part was out of this world!  Showered with confetti!  Sobrang sayaaaaaaa!

VIPs' vitamin, baby Ri!

I'm a little biased here because, you know, I'm Team Young Bae!  HAHA!

So, that's it!

I miss them already (feeling).  Day dreaming of them all day err day.  

Yeongwonhi saranghe!  Naegero dorawa jullae!

감사함니다, BIGBANG!! 사랑헤!!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Going through all the BIGBANG MADE in Manila posts I could find coz I miss them so much!! huhuhu~ <3

    1. Yep, me too! Also excited about MAMA. :)

      Thanks for dropping by!


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