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by - August 07, 2015

July has been a roller coaster ride for me.  There were a fair share of moments that made my emotions shoot up in the sky and some that had me free falling in midair.  Some days I was like "today's super awesome" and some days I was like "today's the worst day of my life".  Yea, a good mix, okay.

Nonetheless, it's still a memorable time in my life.  Definitely one for the books!  

What made it truly special and "sepanx-able" was the Bigbang MADE concert, which most of you have probably heard of.  I've been re-watching the videos Kris took and I never skip a day without browsing the photos I have on my phone.  I know.  Exaggerated much.  HAHA!  Still can't get over!  No words can describe how happy I was (and I still am) that day.

I'll be uploading the videos on my channel and do a blog post about it soon.

And another highlight of my July was this one life-changing choice I made.  It's a huge step for me because it's a long-term goal of mine and it's in my things-I-need-to-achieve-during-my-20's checklist.  #LittleHomeSweetHome

So, there you go.  The next weeks will be hectic for sure but I still do my best to finish my backlogs.  I'm now also planning my skincare routine video.  Yay!

Happy weekend, world!  Goodnight!

Oh!  Make sure to check out Bigbang's E series!  I'm obsessed with Let's Not Fall in Love.  I don't know how to describe it.  It's a happy-but-sad song (you'll get the idea if you watch the music video too).

your sweetest drug,

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