Geolica Two-Tone Nudy Brown

by - August 11, 2015

My eyeglass are giving me a hard time rather than becoming an aid.  Pft.  I hate the scratches on the lenses that blur my vision even more.  Oh yes, I badly need a replacement.

Good thing I have two pairs of contact lenses that I could use from time to time.  The blue pair, I've already shared here before and this brown pair called Nudy Brown (CH-624) is also a freebie from Geolica.

It looks pink in this photo but it's actually light brown.  I thought it's going to lighten my eyes too much when I first saw it.

The effect is somewhat hazy but still natural-looking.  Nothing too crazy.  Here are some photos.

Same with Nudy Blue, the lens has a thin outer rim.  The pattern is not too noticeable as well especially under natural lighting.

They also have the same size, 14.2 which makes the iris appear larger but not too doll-like.  

I prefer wearing this one on special occasions or even casual days.  

It's also very comfortable to wear given that your eyes have enough hydration.  

indoor lighting

These will definitely make your eyes stand out.

What do you think?

Visit Geolica's website for more info about their products.

That's it for today.  Short and sweet.  HAHA!  I have a new haulvideo coming up, still editing it and might take few more days.  So, stay tuned, ayt?!

your sweetest drug,

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