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by - January 14, 2016

One of my #hairstylegoals is a short, tousled, messy kind.  You know, that just-got-out-off-bed hair everyone's been buzzing about.

It's difficult to achieve and I have no idea how some of my favorite Youtubers make it seem effortless but what I do know is that, it's impossible to create without the use of some hairstyling products.  Well, except if you're at the beach and you let the sea water do the magic.

Here's one you could use if you also want the same thing.

A hair product like this one is apparently not too common here in our country.  I'm not sure why.  Well, I saw Toni and Guy's version but it's so pricey so I kept looking until I found this one by Snoe.

In case you're not familiar, it is a homegrown brand and I believe that we should give such companies more love and support - #loveyourown.

My favorite thing about Snoe is their witty product names and very creative packaging design.  They even called their hair care/styling line, Hair Heroes.  There's a lot more so go and drop by their store.

Product Description

Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. This defining spray will bring out the tousled, textured look you can only usually get after swimming in the sea. Your hair will still feel soft to touch but with that added bounce, definition, and a body to die for. The added moringa extract will help give moisture and shine and also help protect and repair your hair against free radicals. You can even use this on dry hair to add texture for that perfect Beach Babe look!

The key ingredients in this green guy are sea salt (to get that salt-in-the-air-sand-in-my-hair kind of vibe), tea tree oil (for nourishment) and peppermint (to balance scalp's pH level and prevent too much grease).

I got it for 299 php which in my opinion is a little bit expensive for its size - 50 ml.

It's housed in a typical plastic spray bottle.  It doesn't leak but I don't like the way it spritzes.  I want something that has larger "reach", if that makes sense.  Haha!  I don't know how to explain it but you get the idea.

third photo - after the removing the bun

Because of the spray thing, it's hard to spread it all over.  It gets concentrated in one area so you really have to rub it.

I usually apply this awesome hairstyler on my day-old hair.  It creates a tousled, texturized effect but you still have to work on it a bit to not make it look like it's just literally "messy".

Sometimes, I like to put my hair into a bun to get those effortless waves after a couple of hours.  No need to be super neat.  If I want more defined curls, I do this but I start at a higher part.  Twisting small, random sections and scrunching would also help.

It doesn't feel sticky, it doesn't look stiff and it doesn't make your hair look greasy too.  I didn't encounter itchiness as well but I haven't tried applying it on my scalp.

My favorite thing about it is the scent.  Oh boy.  The fresh fragrance lasts the entire day!

This tousled, beachy style looks good with any hair length and any season (not just summer).  If you're not into sleek, straight hair or maybe you can't deal with your frizzy hair, you can try this product and do some no-fuss stylin'.

This would definitely turn you into a Baywatch or a Victoria Secret model in an instant!  Haha!  Just a couple of spritzing, twisting and scrunching for that va-va-boom hair you've always wanted.

What do you think?

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