SkinStation's Facial Treatment

by - February 08, 2016

Thanks to this long weekend, I now feel recharged.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

My to-do list today involved filming a DIY tutorial but unfortunately, I didn't find the stuff I need for the video.  Bummer.

So let me just share with you guys my not-so recent facial treatment experience at Skin Station, SM Megamall branch.

Since my GC was expiring, I thought of using it back in November for a skin pampering session.  I went there for a facial treatment and to max out my voucher, I also bought two of their Dermax skincare products.  I showed those in my haul video but in case you missed that, click this link.

I've used a couple of their products already and so far my favorites are the Retinol-C cream and their sunscreens.

The place really looked like a skin clinic.  It's just bright, spacious and clean.

The staff were so nice to me and they graciously answered my queries when I was deciding which treatment and products to get.

However, I would appreciate if they've checked my skin condition first, you know like a "skin consultation" but that's not a biggie because at least they asked me about my skin type.

So I picked the treatment with Vitamin C something something.  Haha!  Sorry I can't exactly remember.  I'll make sure to edit this part once their website is up.  The links are not working as of the moment.

While waiting for your turn, you can check out the testers in the display table.  They pretty much have everything from cleansers to serum and of course, they also have Nano White, their skin and underarm whitening line.

They have a lot, don't they?

They know that privacy is important so customers get their own individual rooms.

So here's the process (pretty much):

1) Facial cleansing
2) Facial scrub
3) Steam
4) Pricking part - as usual, it hurt especially on the chin area
5) Laser
6) Hyal-C serum (Oh!  I think this is the name of the facial treatment!)
7) Rinsing using wet cotton pads

I absolutely loved the serum!  The staff actually recommended it because she noticed that I have a blackhead-prone nose.

Since it's Vitamin C-based product, it claims to help brighten the skin, whiten dark spots and my favorite - tighten the pores.

The serum dried out after a few minutes (I dunno if you can tell by looking at the photo) so it felt tight and I also noticed some cooling sensation.

After rinsing it off, my skin felt incredibly smooth and supple.  It almost looked poreless.  Gaaah!!!  #goals

The overall treatment was fine and I guess not too different compared to the ones I've tried before.

However, what makes it unique is the serum because other treatments come with a clay masks but for this, it's like they're doing an extensive skincare routine.

next day

I wasn't so surprised and too worried about the marks.  They faded after a couple of days.  I also got one pimple on the forehead but no, it's not the serum's fault.  It didn't break me out and it didn't cause irritations.

Now, I'm contemplating.  To buy Hyal-C or not?

What do you think?

Like SkinStation on Facebook.

Thanks again for the GC and freebies! :)

your sweetest drug,

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  1. It's totally amazing and you look so fresh. I'm planning also to have a facial treatment one of these days. I'm so stress with work. ^^

  2. Hi! Do they also prick pimples? I'm interested with their facial treatments. :)

    1. I had no pimple or soon-to-be pimple when I got the treatment so I'm not sure, but I think generally in facials, they would prick it to make sure the "root" is gone. :)

  3. hi bumili po ba kayo nung products nila after the procedure and ano po yung binili niyo? i also had my facial but i forgot the name of the treatment hehe and nawala po ba totally yung marks? kasi dun po ako nag w'worry ilang days po bago siya mawala?

  4. Hi! Is it true you need to pay the overall payment before the procedure? Or is it ok to pay per session?

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