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by - March 13, 2016

Summer is that time of the year when I feel like wearing and putting on makeup is more of a struggle than a fun thing to do.  But of course, with the use of perfect-hot-weather products, it does not mean you can just go bare faced all throughout this season.

One of my favorite makeup bases to grab lately is Banila Co's It Radiant CC Cream.

I received this and 3 other Banila Co goodies back in November when I attended their brand launch here in Manila but I only started using it a couple of weeks back.  That's actually a good decision because it is definitely perfect to use during this scorching summer season (though it's still great to wear on any weather of course).

It's one of those makeups that would make you think like it's doing nothing at first, but eventually, you'd get to love.

Initially, I didn't see any difference so I was like "okay, I'll just use you as a face base then".  I didn't think that I would pick it more often than my BB Cream.

1195 php

Product Description

Our It Radiant CC Cream is a whitening color control base that offers moisturizing and brightening benefits that promises to smooth skin, even skin tone and offers SPF 30 PA++ broad spectrum sun protection.  This CC Cream is meant to provide low coverage so it enhances and never hides your skin.

There's also a cushion version of this, which retails at 1680 php with a 15g refill.

I appreciate the minimalist, clean-looking packaging.

It comes with a pump which makes it easier to control the amount of product to get.

Unlike BB Creams, CC Creams provide more color correction than coverage that's why most of them come in non-skin color.  It's a combination of tone correcting power of makeup plus skincare benefits such as moisturization and sun protection.

The consistency is quite mousy even though formula is water-based.

Half-pump is usually enough and the best way to apply it is by using your fingers.  I don't think brush or sponge would work.

What I love about it...

It doubles up as a daytime moisturizer.
Since the weather is so hot and humid, I prefer layering on lesser products on my face.

 It provides sun protection.
I don't usually rely on the SPF in my face makeups so I apply my sunscreen separately.  However, in case I forget, at least this CC Cream still got me covered.

skincare I used here: toner + sunscreen

The packaging is travel-friendly.
This is definitely going into my beach bag!

It gives an effortless glow and radiance.
Perfect for a dewy-skin fan like myself.  You know me, I hate cake-y foundation.  This CC Cream also makes my skin appear more radiant.

It doesn't make my oil-factory crazy.
My skin type is normal/combination, sometimes oily and I'm glad that it doesn't make the greasy situation worse.

It blends like a dream.
It's like spreading icing on a cake sans the stickiness.  It smells nice too!

skincare + CC Cream

It doubles up as a base.
Since it's lightweight, putting on a layer of BB Cream or foundation would still look nice.

It feels like skincare, not makeup.
It's like improving the way your skin look while letting it breathe, hydrated and protected.

It takes away the dullness.
I need more coverage for my dark circles and do spot-conceal but overall, redness, pores and some dark spots look less visible.

"My-skin-but-better" is written all over it.
I love the natural and effortless finish.  Perfect for a no-makeup makeup kind of look!

You might not like it if...

- you have troubled skin because you'd need something with more coverage than this.
- you have deeper skin tone, it brightens the skin a bit so it would tend to make your face lighter than your neck and body.
- you prefer skin-toned face makeup such as BB cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation.
- you think zero to very sheer coverage will not work for you.

So, I think it's clear that I do really love this CC Cream.  Haha!  

Even though I don't have fair skin, I was still able to make it work by applying face powder on top.  It's also not long-lasting but I guess that doesn't matter anymore because there's no coverage.

On lazy days, I apply this all over, put a bit of concealer, fill in my brows, apply mascara then lipstick and I'm done.

Let me know in the comments below if you want a Summer Makeup video using this product!  

Have you tried using CC Creams?  Did it work for you or do you still prefer BB creams and foundations?

Like Banila Co Philippines on Facebook and go drop by their newest branch in Landmark, Trinoma!

your sweetest drug,

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