BURP GUIDE - Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

by - April 09, 2016

Kris and I have tried most of Silantro's dishes many times already.  We've also been at both of their branches, one in Kapitolyo and one in UP Town Center.

It's one of the restaurants we go to whenever we're really really really hungry.  One problem though is that, it's not too often that we could eat there because we don't usually hang out around Katipunan/Pasig.

On our last visit, I had my camera with me so I didn't miss the chance to take photos for le blog.  I also included one dish here that we tried way way back.

I think both branches have the same menu and price.

The dish that we always order is Beef Nachos.  So far, I haven't seen any other that comes in this huuuuuge serving yet costs below 200 php.

It's not just the chips but the most amazing part is the amount of ingredients.  I mean, look at that!

They are so generous with the cheese!

The beef is also like no other because it's very tender, juicy and just overall tasty.  Most restaurants put ground or shredded beef but this one, it's like you can eat each piece with rice.

Since the size is enormous, it's definitely perfect for a group of 3 to 4.  Kris and I can finish a plate but with only one other dish on the table.

Actually, nothing has kicked their beef nachos off its top spot in our "Best Nachos" list.  :)

And here's another reason why we keep returning back to this cantina - the dips.  I swear, I could almost use that green one as drink.  Haha!  I love guacamole!

The brown sauce is a spicy version and the white is like the usual garlic mayo-ish.

Their Beef Burrito is also to die for.  The meat tasted quite similar with the one in the nachos.

This is an old photo.

Again, two big quesadillas oozing with cheese for just 160 php.  Just.  Wow.

We didn't like the fries that much but probably most people would prefer it because they're baked.

Too much cheese, you guys.

You should also try their dalandan juice and house blend iced tea.

Silantro will surely remain as one of our favorites.  I love the fact that they are unpretentious and the dishes really have a hint of fil-mex flavor.  Not to mention, I'm a sucker for cilantro and it's in every plate they serve.  Even their mango shake has it.  Haha!  #itsmyweed

Enormous servings, affordable and delicious - what more can I ask for?  Oh well, maybe more branches in the north area.  Haha!

What do you think?

Oh, just a tip, the queue is usually long and I believe they don't take reservation so make sure to have your name listed early unless you're okay with 30 minutes to 1 hour waiting time.

your sweetest drug,

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