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by - April 30, 2016

I used to think that applying primer was just an extra, unnecessary step in my regular makeup routine.  Same as with using eyelash curler.  I didn't get the point of putting a layer between my skincare and makeup.  Well, unless it's a face base that helps brighten dull skin or gives an extra glow-from-within effect.

But when I started to notice that my annoying pores were getting in the way of having a more flawless-looking face makeup, I thought that putting on primer would be the perfect solution.

I've only tried two different primers so far and this one's my third.

Banila Co has a line called Prime which consists of five variants of primer, setting powders, mattifying balm and a setting spray.

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In the loot bag, I got the Classic primer.

The packaging comes with a pump and it has this "expensive" look-and-feel.

This primer promises to minimize pores and fine lines so makeup applies smoothly and would last all day long.

It also contains silicon, which is very common for this kind of product.

What I love about it

- glides on skin like a dream
- lessens the appearance of pores
- doesn't break me out
- instantly mattifies (you can apply it on top of makeup for oily-T-zone touch ups)
- doesn't produce eraser-like crumbs as you rub it on your skin
- slightly increases coverage of foundation/concealer/BB cream
- doesn't clog pores
- very lightweight

It's hard to show you guys the effect of primers on photos unless maybe, I use a super HD/macro lens for my camera.  But here, I placed it beside my two other primers (drugstore) so hopefully you'd get to see the difference.

In my opinion, Prime Classic creates a more blurred and matte surface.  

I only used concealer and powder on purpose so you could still see my actual skin.  Even with not-so heavy coverage, it helped create a more flawless base, to think that when I took these photos, my pores were so unruly.

My expression line and fine lines don't look very noticeable here as well.

I'm still not sure what to say about the sebum-control thing and the effect to the longevity of the makeup.  If you compare the two photos above, you'd probably notice how my skin looks a bit dewier without primer underneath.  However, with the intense summer heat, my face gets sweaty and greasy real fast.  I don't know how makeup can survive that.  Haha!

The only thing I don't like about this primer is the scent.  It has a strong, man-perfume kind of fragrance but good thing, it doesn't linger much so no biggie.

You can also use this as an eyeshadow primer.  Look how intense and solid the color is!

Overall, I'm really impressed by the quality and formula of Banila Co's Classic Primer.  I love the level of the matte finish!  

And yes, there's even a Matte version of this.  I'm gonna check that out at their store.

Here's a photo of me with full makeup with the primer underneath. :)

What do you think?

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