BURP GUIDE - Jipan & Magnolia Flavor House

by - May 04, 2016

After Michelle Dy's Meet and Greet event, Kris and I headed to Robinson's Magnolia for dinner.  It was only my second time there because I don't usually go to that mall as there are more accessible and nearer ones in our area.

So anyway, instead of the usual Yabu and Ramen Nagi cravings, we tried a new restaurant.  Yes, it's Japanese and yes, we can't get enough.  Haha!

It's a casual cafe/resto that serves famous Jap dishes like donburi, ramen, sushi and many more.  Plus, they have a small corner for pastries and breads.

The first thing I wanted to share with you guys before you browse through the photos is the service.  Not quite sure if it's only because it was roughly two hours before closing time and the place was packed but our food came out after 15 to 20 minutes.  We expected that the salmon rolls would be the first one to be served, but it's the last plate that got to our table.

Anyway, we still enjoyed all of the food especially the gyudon.  Very good choice by the "bear".

Though we would appreciate if there's an egg on top. :)

The meat and noodles were really tasty.  I highly recommend this one.

The ramen on the other hand was plain and simple.  It's okay to get this if you want a soup on the table.

Lastly, the salmon rolls.  Meh.

Afterwards, we dropped by Magnolia Flavor House, an oldie-but-goodie dessert place.

It was Kris' idea actually.  Since it's not very frequent that we visit the place and I believe it's the only branch they have, I didn't hesitate.

He picked this crepe with vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

By the way, they also serve Filipino dishes.  The place seemed very homey and perfect for families.

Of course, kids would love the dessert. :D

What do you think?

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