Batch Review - QuickFX, Nivea, Catrice

by - July 06, 2016

Let me introduce a new series here on le blog.

Since the days are getting busier than ever and I only have weekends as my free time to blog, I thought I'd do batch reviews instead.  That way, I would have lesser backlogs and I can do a more substantial post as well instead of talking about one product at a time.

Before I start, let me just mention again that the first part of my Japan travel vlog is now up on my channel!  Hope you can watch and show some love! :)

I got here three products to talk about.  All of these are from drugstore brands so very affordable and easy to find.

First one is an eye cream by Quick FX.

I find it too lightweight for an eye cream.  Yes, it moisturizes the skin but other than that, I didn't notice any improvements even after finishing one sachet.

What I like about it though is the fact that it's scentless and it doesn't sting the eyes.  Instead of throwing it away, I still used it and it somehow worked by hydrating the eye area, which was amazing because it actually helped to make the concealer look and blend better.

Anyhoo, it only costs 50 php so definitely okay to try if you're really curious.

Next, eye pencil by Catrice in the shade Pearly Bird.

Actually, I frequently check this brand in the drugstore because they often have discounted products.  Essence is another one that looks interesting.  

So I spotted this and thought it would be perfect to use for the waterlines.  Good thing, it didn't disappoint.  Plus, I got it for only 150 php from 220.  

It's indeed very long-lasting although with a minimal fading especially once your waterlines get wet.  However, you can still see the product in the bottom lash lines.

I love the pearly effect that it gives and you know me, I'm a fan of shimmery (not glittery) waterlines.

Last one is this lip balm by Nivea.

Nothing too unique about it because I think fruity lip balms are very common.  The scent/taste is very subtle and not annoying, which is good.  I hate it when lip products taste too artificial.  Haha!

I don't know if you can see but there are tiny glitters.  Good thing, they doesn't show up on the lips.  

The product itself looks like an ice popsicle, right?

I actually remember having a Nivea lip balm back when I was in college.  These are not expensive so perfect for students!

It gives a slight color too!  I like it but sometimes, I feel like I'm applying a lipstick as a makeup instead of a lip balm as a lip care.  Does it make sense?  Haha!

That's it!  

Next post is probably going to be about a makeup review and hopefully, I can finish Japan video part 2 this Sunday!  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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