Ichi-san in Japan Part 2 - Dotonbori Night

by - July 17, 2016


Another week has passed.  Another week!  But I didn't get to post anything... even once!  Any time management tricks you could share?

Anyway, good news though I was able to finish part 2 of my Japan travel vlog.  Yaasss!

Watching these clips makes me really miss the place.  For sure, when I replay these 3, 5 or 10 years from now, there would be a smile on my face and let me tell you, I'd be forever grateful that I get to experience the Land of the Rising Sun, the birthplace of my favorite Manga and anime shows.  Haha!

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For part 2, I did a quick tour around Namba.  It is a district in Osaka, a very famous, busy and popular place for tourists.

How to get there?

You just need to hop in the Midosuji subway (red line) which is connected to Osaka station (and other lines I think).  If you're around Umeda, you can easily find it.

We went there on a Thursday night just to have dinner.  Yes, no shopping that day.  Not just yet.  Haha!  Even though the duty-free stores were already calling my name.  

"Ichi-san, Ichi-san, irasshai!"

I actually went there again, like two times.  The last one was a solo-trip and I'm proud to say that I didn't get lost.  Thanks to wifi connection and GPS.  Haha!

Once you get off the train, prepare for walking.  A lot of walking!  Wear comfortable shoes especially if you're going on a shopping spree.

First place you can visit is Shinsaibashi but I will not talk about it in detail tonight because that comes in part 4.  Hihi.  Next is Dotonbori.  It's very crowded but I assure you, your eyes and stomach will enjoy.

There's like a countless strip of restaurants and the best part aside from the food is the amazing sight you'll see while walking.  I couldn't count how many times I said wow.  The way they've designed the facades is out of this world.

I mean look at that!  Giant squid at a takoyaki store.  There's also a huge dragon at a ramen bar.  

A moving crab and many more!

We tried the takoyaki and then ate in a grill-at-your-table kind of restaurant.

We ate a lot of seafood that night.  Haha!

The next day, we had okonomiyaki for dinner.  Then, we rode the train to Kobe because we had to move to a new hotel for the weekend.  

So I was in Sheraton Hotel again.  

This one's 100x better than Hotel Monterey (pricier too) but food choices are very limited in Rokko Island so that's one drawback.

So that's it!  Next up is a tour around Kyoto and Nara.

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Thank you for watching!

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