Ichi-san in Japan Part 4 | Food Trip & Solo Stroll in Dotonbori and Ebisubashi

by - August 10, 2016

Here's the last part of my Japan travel vlog.  It took me two months to finish everything.  WTH.  Haha!  But I know you're already used to my delayed posts.

Anyway, basically in this video you'll see how my last week went.  Eating.  Walking.  Shopping.  And speaking of shopping, hopefully I would be able to find time to film a mini haul for you guys.  :)

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On my first time here in Ebisubashi, we shopped for clothes and we also checked out Daiso for a few treats.  On the second night, I went on a solo trip to buy more stuff and luckily, I saw Don Quijote on my way back to the station.  It was along the river.  I went a little crazy there because the store literally has everything.  Well, except apparels I believe.

I looked for a popular ramen bar as well and Google took me to Ichiran.  I lined up for about 30 minutes but it was worth it!  Awesome taste and experience.

The place was perfect for solo diners because there's a cubicle-like arrangement.  You won't be bothered by strangers and you won't get too conscious eating and slurping the delicious noodles.

And on the last night of shopping, I got a couple of stuff from a 100 yen store.  You should check those out as well not just Daiso. 

Soooooo, more food.

I never thought I'd like avocado and cheese tempura.  So yummy!

We also tried a famous sushi bar yet very affordable.  

I got to taste uni sushi as well.  I felt scary at first but surprisingly, it's not bad as I thought.  Haha!  

Another new favorite of mine are hotpots!

It was raining that night so this dinner was perfect.

So that's the end of this series!  I hope you enjoyed watching!  Next time, I'll try to get better video clips, not shakey ones.  Haha!

Thanks for tuning in!  Please watch out for two more vlogs and two hauls.

your sweetest drug,

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