At-Home Waxing with Megan's Wax Strips and Kit

by - October 09, 2016

Clearly, it's easier to leave the hair removal process to the pros.  You walk in, lie down, raise your arms and after a few minutes, your pits are hair free.  However, one thing I hate about this whole waxing process is that, when hair starts to pop out after a week and you couldn't have it removed because some of them strands are too short for another session yet some are long already - long enough to prevent you from wearing sleeveless clothes.  Get it?  Haha!

I thought I needed something that would allow me to get rid of the hair anytime (anywhere, char).  So I rushed to the drugstore and grabbed a waxing kit from this brand called Megan.  They also have wax strips and I had to get it too because I thought it would be more convenient for me.

The hot wax kit is not new to me.  I've tried one before but after finishing a pan, I stopped because of the hassle of heating it up multiple times until I'm done.  Yes, it's still the same dilemma but I think I got used to it already.

A box contains two round hard waxes, one pan and a wooden spatula.  Seriously, it's a complete kit.  No need for wax paper too because you can get the job done by peeling the wax itself.

There's nothing magical and complicated about it .  You melt it, let it cool for a couple of minutes, apply it onto the skin, wait for a few seconds, peel it off and repeat.

Like I said, the not-so-good thing about hot wax kits is that, it requires EFFORT.  Well, if  you have the electronic wax melter, then maybe it would be so much easier.

I'm already using the second hard wax.  I don't recommend reusing the actual parts with hair because I think it's not that hygienic.  But in case you peel it and nothing comes off, then maybe it's fine to put it back on the pan.  Otherwise, throw it away, teh.  

If you're a first-time user of hot wax, here's one thing you need to know.  It's actually stated on the box but let me mention anyway.

It's important to know when to peel.  If it's still too soft, it might not have a good grasp yet.  If it's too hard, it would likely crack as you pull it.

Now, if I just need to remove a few annoying strands, I'd use the strips.  However, hair should still be long enough to really stick and get removed.

All you would need is some rubbing action.  Uhm, that sounded weird but yea, a lot actually.  Haha!

A few tips...

Cut the pad into small squares and do small sections rather than putting on the whole pad on your underarms.

Rub the sheet between your palm to "activate" it.  Hahah!  I mean warm it up.

It is REALLY sticky and can REALLY hurt if you repeatedly use on the same area.  I suggest that if hair doesn't come off after 2 or 3 tries, then give up.  Maybe the strands are not long enough, so be patient and wait.  If you can't, then pluck it instead of giving your skin a hard time.

It actually has a nice honey scent.  Even the cleansing wipe smells soooo good.  

Sorry, I don't have a photo!  It's literally a paper soaked in oil but it is amazing because after you wipe it off with a dry tissue or cloth, the grease is gone.  Forever.  Haha!

Final thoughts...

I only use these to remove underarm hair and it's effective.  I'm not sure if it's the same when used on arms, legs or face.

I also make sure I apply Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel before and after the waxing sesh.  For me, it's the best post-wax treatment because it is very soothing.  After putting it on, I will then wipe it with tissue.

In case you're wondering, I still go to Laybare every once in a while especially if I don't have time because let's be honest, at-home waxing consumes more time (but cheaper).

I actually have a photo but I guess I'd rather not share it because it might bother some of you. It's not as yucky as you think though!  Haha!  Let's just say, imagine the wax paper with a 2 or 3 strands of armpit hair.  :P

Both didn't cost me more than 100 pesos (79 each).  Best part, it could last several months but of course, it depends on your hair growth.

So that's it!  If you want to give it a try, you can find it in Landmark Department Store and SM Hypermarket.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. did your armpits darken after using the wax? when the hair grew again, is it thicker?


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