Batch Review - Nature Republic, Etude House and SkinWhite

by - October 02, 2016

Heeeeey!  I'm back!

It's been a long hiatus because I just got back from another business trip.  I could have posted at least one review in the past two weeks but it's just impossible because Google is blocked in China.  The VPN only works for my phone.  Ugh.  Imagine the struggle.

Good thing, I already have photos I need for this post.

So now, let me share my thoughts about these 4 products that I've tried/I've been using.

SkinWhite Whitening Face Lotion

To be honest, I didn't expect too much from this whitening cream because I totally rely on my forever favorite Kojie San soap anyway.  I thought I don't need any other stuff that would lighten my complexion and this face cream would just be an extra step in my daytime skincare routine.  

However, I do like it.  It's an instant face brightener - like a creamier CC Cream.  My only complain though is the formula because it's really thick so blending takes more effort.  

The left photo looks a bit yellow because of the natural lighting but yea, here's how it looks like with a thin layer of foundation on top.

Even though it literally lightens the face, it still doesn't create a white, ghost-like mask.  

I'm not sure about the long-term effect because I don't use this regularly.  Uhm, maybe it can really whiten the skin overtime.  Maybe?

Also, I'm loving SkinWhite's Body Lotion because of its non-sticky formula!

Nature Republic Concealer Stick

This one, I picked up very randomly.  I'm a heavy-concealer user so I like to keep at least 2 in my stash.  Haha!

Unfortunately, the stick already broke.  That's the problem with this type of concealer, if it's too hot, it would soften and later on break.

Coverage is light.  I need to put on layers to brighten up my dark circles.  That's fine but it would look too cakey after and sometimes crease.

See?  It barely covers the bags.  Haha!

Nature Republic Green Tea Mask Sheet

It's difficult to compare masks but I think all of the ones I've tried so far are good, including this one.  I wish the sheet though was a bit thicker because it tore easily when I pulled it but it still adhered well on the skin so no biggie.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil in Black #1

I love the intense pigment and application is a breeze because of the creamy-ish formula.  However, my problem is the lasting power.  Since I have oily lids, it smudges and gets on my lower lash line.  

It comes with a sharpener but it's only for the actual crayon's tip.  You just need to twist it up to get the product out.

I use it to tightline my eyes.  Because of the formula, it's super easy to brush along the upper lash line.  

I think I would settle for this one until I get my hands on another eyeliner that's more smudge-proof.  :)

So, that's it!  Short and straightforward reviews.  Haha!  I think I like doing this more than the full ones.

Anyway, quick catching up first before I end this post.  I just want to let you guys know what's coming up here and on le Youtube channel.  

I'm blogging lesser now compared before because of my very busy life.  By life, I mean WORK.  Hahahah!  But the goal is to post something at least once or twice a week.  As for the videos, I'm cooking up two hauls now.  I also filmed a lip swatch video but for sure, it would not come anytime soon.

I don't want to keep le blog too stagnant for a long time so yea, good luck to me!  No procrastinating!  #AlwaysOnMyGrind :)


your sweetest drug,

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