Peripera Peri's Tint Marker in Plum Stain

by - October 16, 2016

Happy Sunday!

It's a late start for me because of a pretty bad hangover.  I didn't get out of bed until 6 pm.  Haha!

I'm about to complete the haul video (beauty edition) so most likely, it will be up within the week.  Meanwhile, here's another lip product review.

This is Peripera's famous and best-selling lip marker.  It is literally a marker pen with a felt-tip.

Lip tints come in different formulas and packaging but I think this one in particular is the most brilliant and amusing of them all.  There could be no big difference in terms pigmentation but I just like how it looks.  It's like I'm carrying a normal marker in my purse.  Some people who would see me using this on my lips might think I'm crazy.  Haha!


I'm liking plum/berry colored lip tints lately because they don't look as too I-just-sucked-a-fruity-lollipop as the red and pink ones do.

The color is intense and soft as the same time.  It has a nice color payoff and it gets more saturated as you put layers on the lips.


Application is a breeze.  You don't even have to be careful and precise.  The felt-tip feels nice on the lips.  Since it's kinda pointed, I can reach the corners easily and it's not difficult to do a gradient look as well.


I don't find it drying on the lips.  If I compare it with my Peri Lip Ink, this one's better in terms of formula.  

In this photo, I tried to create a gradient effect.  My lighting is too bright so it kinda desaturated the color a bit.


No doubt.  This is indeed long-lasting!

After eating or drinking, the color remains.  My lips would still look stained until I repeatedly wipe it off.

I think I have 5 or 6 tints in my drawer and I must say, this one gets into my top 3 list.  Hopefully, it won't dry out easily like normal markers.  

I highly recommend this if you want to try Korean lip tints.  Actually, I believe anything from Peripera is great.  Hihi!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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