Exploring Two Cities in China | Shanghai and Suzhou

by - November 15, 2016

Here's the video I put together for my China trip last September.  Again, duty called and I was just so lucky to be given a chance to explore a new country again.

We stayed there for two weeks and we transferred back and forth to Suzhou and Shanghai.  These two cities are like 1 hour away from each other.  Well, 2 hours if there's heavy traffic.

In Suzhou, we stayed at Grand Metropark Hotel.  It's a pretty nice hotel and they have really spacious rooms.  They also give out free passes to the nearby health club.

Here's my view of the Jinji lake.

In Shanghai, we tried a restaurant at the back of Shangri-la.

The left dish looks really weird but it tasted good.  The right one seems like a kind of mapo tofu but with seafood.

Shang room! :)

The hotel is located near shopping malls and train stations.

The first agenda was to drop by The Bund.  It's packed with tourists but I still enjoyed the amazing view.

There's also a great Italian restaurant at the back of our hotel called Vapiano.  They have a cool concept wherein customers are given a card and all you need to do is to tap and order.  It's perfect for our group because we had to pay individually.

Oh!  And they had free gummy bears at the cashier table.

The next day we went to City God Temple.  To go there, you just need to find Yuyuan Garden station.

You can either pay for the 10 RMB entrance fee if you want to check it out or if you want to just stroll around the marketplace, you can use the passages along the streets.

I loved the historical Chinese vibe because of the architectures.

We also tried the famous giant xiao long bao, which I didn't enjoy much.  I still prefer the little version.  Hihi.

From there, we took the train again and got off at Xin Tian Di station.

The place felt very urban yet historical at the same time.  There are a lot of cafes, bars and upscale restaurants in the area and I noticed that almost all people are foreigners.

We went back to Shanghai on the next weekend so we had to check-in again.

On our last night, we tried a restaurant in IFC mall (across Shangri-la) called Lei Garden.

It was my first time to eat a pigeon!  Haha!

I'll stop my story here and just let you watch the video!

Click here to start watching!

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    Watch also in youtube https://youtu.be/-FEADXHsiSM


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