K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown

by - January 08, 2017

If I were to create an "Ichi Signature Look", a pair of wings would definitely complete it.  Yes, I don't usually add it to my daily makeup routine (because I'm always in a hurry every freaking day), but on some occasions, I never skip it.

That's why I always make sure to have an eyeliner in my makeup drawer.  I've tried gel liners before but problem with them is that, they tend to turn into a rock after some time.  Pencils are okay too but I haven't encountered one that would not turn into a hot mess after several hours.  I only use them now to tightline my upper lash lines.

So, I thought why not try pens and see if they're a better option.

I got my first pen from a discount chain store in Osaka.  It's by the brand called K-Palette, which is also available here in Manila.  The black ones were sold out, which I totally understand because the price was slashed into half.  Maybe a lot of tourists took advantage of the sale.  Hihi.

Mine is in the shade Deep Brown.  From a distance, it looks like a not-so intense black so I think I still scored an actual black pen.

For me, when choosing a great eyeliner pen, it all boils down to the applicator.  You might get the best formula but if the brush is a trash, it's useless.  Let's face it.  It's difficult to draw the perfect wing especially with a shaky hand, so you need something that would help you, not make the process even more difficult.

During the first few tries, I wasn't so sure about how to do my usual wing.  It was a steep learning curve for me who's not used to pens.  However, I was able to get the hang of it after some time.  Yep, it's just all about practice.  Haha!

Good thing, the brush is not too bendy so it's easy to control.

As for the tip, it requires me to really focus (and hold my breath) to get that precise flick.

I bet you guys would like to know the deal about its lasting power.  

First off, the formula is waterproof and it's meant to stay on the lids all day err day.  However, mine gets oily and when wearing my contact lens, I have to use eye drops, so basically, I can't avoid a non-dry lids the entire day.  

That's why it wears off after several hours.  It's not smudge-proof on me.  I can also easily remove it sans any makeup remover.

Nevertheless, I still like to use it on normal days.  I would also recommend it to beginners because based on my experience, it didn't take long for me to get used to it.  And take note, I was a newbie to eyeliner pens when I first tried it.  

Now, I have a new one in my collection.  You'll see it on my upcoming makeup video.  Stay tuned!

your sweetest drug,

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