Year in Review | Highlights of My 2016 and 6 Things It Taught Me

by - January 02, 2017

Goodbye to yet another awesome year.

I feel like I owe the universe big time because of all the unexpected things and doors that have opened for me in the past twelve months.  Most parts, I didn't ask for but I ain't complaining!  I couldn't thank the Amazing Guy up there enough for everything and for thinking that I do deserve it all.

When I was looking back at all of these special moments, I couldn't help but smile and whisper a "thank you".  Big or small, it doesn't matter because it definitely made my year a little more colorful than usual.

Here are the highlights of my 2016!

Another milestone...

Last month, le blog turned five years old.  Yea, there's no stopping despite of the difficulty in finding time to do a post.  

I've also published 18 videos on my Youtube channel.  I admit that my contents are nowhere near "top quality", but please know that I worked damn hard for 'em.  Making videos is something I truly enjoy even though it could get stressful sometimes.  Hopefully, the ones lined up for next year would come out better.

Thank you for the trust...

To the brands that have shown their trust for le blog, thank you so much!  

Being invited to blogger events means the world to me.  I always feel giddy like a kid who's in a party.  

Apart from the loot bags from these events, a few brands also showed their generosity through mail!

Thank you for spoiling me!

Special thanks to Bioessence for giving me a pampering sesh!

Imagine how "kilig" I was when I knew about these:

See more of the world...

Six months ago, I got an exciting news.  

I actually didn't think that I'd get to see other parts of the world.  Ever.  It's in my bucket list of course, but not in my priority list because of other more important stuff I need to focus on.

I am forever grateful for this once in a lifetime chance to walk on the busy streets of Osaka and Shanghai and to see in my own eyes,  the culture and the people.  

It's definitely one for the books!

For our last hurrah, we explored Davao.

Try something new...

I tried a new fitness activity this year.  If you're a follower on Instagram, you'd probably know what I'm talking about.  If not, maybe this photo could explain everything.

I would do a separate post about my new fitness journey soon!

Now, let me take a moment to reflect on the lessons 2016 has taught me.

Life is not a race.  I've reached this life stage wherein it's inevitable to feel like another chapter should start sooner or later.  It's not that I'm avoiding it but I don't know, I've never given it much thought.  I want to enjoy life as much as I could, given the time I have and focus on my goals.  I've learned that there shouldn't be any kind of pressure as to when we'd take the next turn in our lives.  It's our choice anyway and it shouldn't matter if we opt to slow things down and just enjoy the journey.

It's fine if we still can't figure out everything.  I couldn't count how many times I've made a seemingly "final decision" on how to take charge of my life and ending up not doing it at all.  It sucked.  However, I like to think that maybe life works that way.  There could be no clues nor anything that could lead you to where you should be at this point, but eventually, everything will make perfect sense.  I've learned that once I get to know what I really want and where I want to be, if I make the right choices, I'd get there and make it happen.  

Give zero fvck about things you can't control.  There's one time when something I thought I deserve was taken away from me.  It's out of my hands so there's nothing I could do to take it back.  With a heavy heart, I've accepted it and moved on.  Then, when I least expected, a bigger door opened up.  See?  When sh*t happens, it happens for a reason.  I've learned that if we don't let go of things we can't change, we'll just end up miserable and we won't see the better things ahead of us.

When life gives you too much lemons... throw them (really really hard) to people who are such a pain in the ass.  Just kidding.  I've learned that the only way to survive hardships is to keep going.  When everything seems to fall apart and when we feel like it's too much for us to bear, start by having a more positive perspective and figure out a way one step at a time.

Focus on what you have.  I've shared one quote about this on Facebook.  In this social media-driven world, if you don't post what you have online, people will think you actually don't have it.  Crazy.  Remember that it's one thing to be grateful about the material things you own or you worked hard for and it's another thing to flaunt 'em for the sake of letting the universe know.  The sadder story, some people fall for this trap and they think that they're not as equally blessed because you have much and they have less.  I've learned that a happy heart is a content heart and blessings are not always in the form of material things.  

Stay true to yourself.  Few weeks ago, I was bugged by an idea that perhaps, people have started to dislike me for some reasons.  One, maybe they thought I've changed from a person they knew years back to the person I am now.  Two, maybe they don't like how I seem to be in social media.  Three, maybe they just don't like me at all.  Whatever it is, I let it consume me for a time, which was a bad decision, I admit.  Then, I had a quiet moment and tried not to overthink things.  I said to myself, what's more important is to keep doing what I love to do as long as it's not hurting anyone.  I've learned that the person who knows me best is me and I shouldn't care much about pleasing other people and what they think about me.

Sorry for the lengthy post.  I feel relieved actually, because I felt like I talked to a friend and let all my thoughts out.  Hopefully, these lessons can also help you if you're dealing with a similar situation.  

Again, I wish you all the best this 2017.  May we achieve all of our goals.

I look forward to the coming months because well, first off, I'm counting the days before I see Jay Park in his sexy body person.  Haha!  Please comment below if you're also coming to the event on the 24th!  Next up, a probable move out.  Whew!  Bigger responsibilities as I embark on this crazy adult journey.  Lastly, I also plan to do career changes this year.  I still need to give it one last serious thinking though.

Happy new year, world!  Cheers, good luck and dream on!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Very well said. "When sh*t happens, it happens for a reason." Nice blog, Ichi! <3


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