Batch Review - Colourpop, Etude House, Fashion21 and More

by - February 08, 2017

Feeling a bit restless since last week.  Ugh.

I didn't have a normal weekend because of back-to-back gatherings, so no 10-hr sleep for me.  I ain't complaining though because I got to spend quality time with my friends.  It's so funny because all we did was laugh for like 4 to 5 hours.  A lot of catching up happened especially with my two BFSK (best friend since kinder haha 😁) who came back from Canada and Dubai.  After so many months, we all got to hang out again and be a crazy squad as we are.

And yes, it's that kind of moment that always makes me realize how the real meaning of friendship changed as I grew up.  It doesn't matter if you're mountains and oceans apart, nor if you haven't heard from them since God knows when.  It's when you see each other again, you'll feel like nothing has changed and they're still the same people who care for you even if they don't constantly show it, who understand you even if you're being unreasonable AF, who will be there for you whenever you need a friend even if they're having a hard time as well.

And that's the type of friendship I'd cherish - a healthy one that I know would last.  It's not a big circle but I love every single person in it.  πŸ’•

Okay, end of post.  Char!   πŸ˜†

That's not what I should talk about. I know.  Haha!  Moving on to the real topic now.

In this batch review, you're only going to see makeup stuff since I have separated the skincare items.  These are just some of the products I've accumulated for the past 2 or 3 months and as usual, I included them here and didn't do a full post because the individual reviews are not going to be that long anyway.

Colourpop Mini Super Shock Shadow in Ouai (free)

I got this freebie when I had a delayed shipment from Colourpop.  There's also a card in the box with "sorry, we're late" message.  Cute. πŸ˜„

Their eye shadows are known to be ultra-pigmented.  However, this one tends to be patchy.  Maybe it's just because of the color?  

Instead of using it as a lid base, I sometimes apply it on the inner corners or waterlines.  I also use it as a highlighter because it gives a very subtle sheen.  

I can't find it on Colourpop's website so maybe they have discontinued this shade.

Etude House Oil-Control Film (less than 200 php)

This is my 2nd pack!  

I love it because it absorbs oil so well and doesn't take away too much makeup.  

When it comes to oil-control sheets, I prefer the blue/film ones because the paper type easily tears apart.  

Mushroom Brush from 168 Mall (100 php)

I got this one because I don't have a brush this dense.  I first thought it would be very handy when putting on BB cream or liquid foundation, but when I tried it, it just takes too much product.  However, if you're into sheer base, you can use a dense brush like this because it would help create a very thin layer of foundation.  

Since it's angled, I'm using it to put on my Colourpop blush.  I mentioned before that it was a bit tricky to apply because it's not pure powder.  This mushroom brush though picks it up very well and with just a few dabs, it deposits the color onto my cheeks.

Too bad, it sheds.  If you look closely, there are loose strands already.

Fashion21 Cosmetics White Eyeliner (80 php)

I don't know why but a great white eyeliner is one of the trickiest makeup products to look for.  The few ones I've tried either smudges easily or would be hard to apply evenly.  

Finally, I found one that can get the job done for me.  Plus, it's so affordable.  It's not overly creamy and it clings to the waterlines nicely.

Fashion21 has consecutively amazed me.  First, the mascara and now, this white eyeliner!  Should I try a one brand makeup video next time, so I could try more of their good stuff?

Miniso Color-Stay Lipstick (10 RMB - bought in Shanghai)

On the lips, it doesn't look as pretty compared to when it's swatched on the arm.  The color looks okay but it's just too sheen for my liking.  It's also creamy and pigmented enough but I don't know, it really lacks something.  

It's almost an exact dupe of Revlon's Matte Balm lipstick in Elusive.  

The label says "Color-Stay" but it's not a long-lasting lipstick and just leaves a tiny, almost unnoticeable stain.  I knew about it when I purchased it but since I was only planning to give a few out as my pasalubong, I bought a bunch anyway.  Did you spot this on my China travel vlog?  

Aebly Lipstamp in Celeb Pink (100 php)

I can't find any info about this on Google, so I guess this is not a very popular Korean cosmetic brand.  It doesn't seem familiar as well.

Anyway, it's basically a lip tint in a twist-up type of packaging.  At first few tries, only tinted oil came out but sometimes, a cream would ooze out of the sponge tip.  Weird.  πŸ˜’

That's why I thought it's just a tinted lip balm of some sort. 

It feels very soothing though.  It moisturizes the lips well and the finish is not the usual lip tint effect.  It appears soft and somehow matte.

That's all!  Stay tuned for the skincare edition.  πŸ˜‰

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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