Glam Works Skin Perfector BB Cream in Medium Nude

by - February 26, 2017

So when I was looking around the drugstore for affordable BB creams, I also spotted a brand called Glam Works.  I think it's one of Watson's cosmetic brands because I haven't seen it anywhere else.  Anyway, I thought it would be a good add to the bunch because it's only 149 php.

It comes in 2 shades, or at least that's what I remember, but I got Medium Nude - the darker one.  When I was buying this, I wasn't able to swatch both because there were no testers available, so it's just kind of a bahala-na moment.  Haha! 😃

Right off the bat, the packaging threw me off.  Since the consistency is really really watery, tube packaging is not meant for it.  The first time I opened it, product spilled out as hell.  😲

Now, let's talk about the formula.

First off, it's sticky.  I usually just apply BB creams with my fingers, but I don't like to feel the tackiness, so I grab a buffing brush to blend this baby all over.

right side with BB cream

The color of it seems a bit orangey but it doesn't show up that much when blended.  

Coverage-wise, it's sheer so it doesn't cover dark spots very well.  Then again, a little help from concealer would help.  It's not that terrible though because it can still brighten up the face.

Finish is a bit dewy.  I also noticed that compared to the other ones I use, with this my skin gets shiny a bit faster.  Plus, once my face gets really oily, the product would get a bit patchy.

This one's certainly not my go-to BB cream but for the price, it's still a good try.  It's okay for a natural-looking makeup, nothing cakey.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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