iWhite BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream

by - February 12, 2017

A BB cream for 25 php?  Yep, there's one.

I found the perfect budget-friendly BB cream and it's from the brand that I have always loved - iWhite Korea.  If you guys haven't heard of it, well, it's either you're a hardcore high-end brand fanatic or you just have lots of money to spend on cosmetics, so looking for affordable options aren't your thing.  However, for us, drugstore-makeup junkies, this one's a very good find.

Virtual high-five if you're also a BB-holic like me! 😏

If you've been here for some time now, you'd probably know that I'm not into foundations.  For special occasions, yep, it's something I'd use by default.  For normal days though, I'd stick to my BB cream.  Well, except if the foundation has something more to offer than just coverage.  Let's say, a cushion foundation that's formulated with moisturizing ingredients, serums or something like that.

Anyway, bottom line, I love using something that can be both skincare and makeup.  And basically, that's what a BB cream, a CC cream or other double-letter named base is all about. 😃

I bought both shades - Light and Beige.  For a Korean brand to offer a not-so light color options, that's surprising.  

iWhite is known for packaging skincare in sachets and this one is no exception.  I think I also saw a tube version of this, so if you're sure that this is the right formula for you, then go get that one rather than buying plenty of sachets, coz you might save money.  Plus, you won't need to transfer the product to a container.

Speaking of that, here's what I did.

I don't throw my contact lens cases away because they're very handy especially when travelling.  

The difference in color is not so much.  Beige appears a little dark on me, but once it's fully blended, it looks like an exact match.  On the other hand, Light could make my face too bright, but still close to my skin color.  Anyhoo, I can just mix these two to create a perfect shade.  

Beige also has a pink/gray-ish undertone while Light has more of a yellow undertone.

This BB cream has a nice scent, has a cooling effect and is super lightweight.  About the coverage, you might need something heavier to cover imperfections because this one is sheer.  If I put on one to two layers, dark spots and veins still peek through.

It doesn't have a sticky formula, which is always a bonus point for me.  It also has a beautiful demi-matte finish and it's really perfect for no-makeup makeup looks.

Since the consistency is watery, the best way to apply it is either with a brush or just the fingers.  I used a damp sponge one time and it just absorbed the product.


I used BB Holic, Maybelline Fit Me concealer and Innisfree No-Sebum translucent powder here.

Once it sets, it gives a pretty, natural base.  

It stays on my oily skin for a good amount of time.  It will not go anywhere until I blot the grease on my face with tissue or oil-control sheets.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this BB cream and I would not hesitate to repurchase.  It's enough to improve the skin tone and did I mention that it has whitening and anti-aging properties too?  

What do you think?  Anyone here who also love BB.Holic?

your sweetest drug,

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