Batch Review - Tony Moly, Skin Station and QuickFX

by - March 10, 2017

I'm not yet done convincing myself that February was over and now, we're almost halfway through March.  Ugh.  Feeling a bit pressured because of my monthly goals.  I wasn't able to complete last month's so I'm trying to catch up.  I'm still feeling positive though.  I know I got this.

Anyhoo, here's the skincare edition of the recent Batch Review I did.  This post only includes three products but I think I got a lot to say about each because I'm enjoying them all.

Do you like the color coordination here?  I've only realized it now.  😉

Tony Moly Clean Dew Red Grapefruit Foam Cleanser (150++ php)

This facial wash removes dirt and makeup really well but it's mild enough and doesn't strip away all moisture from the skin.  It has a refreshing citrusy scent and I could also feel a very few tiny particles in it as I massage my face. 

It comes in 180 ml tube and for a cleanser that's not over 200 php, I think it's a good buy.  Although, people with dry skin should look for something even gentler and more hydrating than this.  

There's also a Blueberry and Lemon version of this and they offer another benefits.  Actually, it's common for Korean brands to feature fruits, veggies and all other natural stuff as the key ingredient for facial cleansers just like what they do for mask sheets.  

Skin Station Dermax Professional Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel

Okay, the term "peeling gel" might sound terrifying but no, this doesn't peel anything.  Haha!  😃

When I first used it, it instantly reminded me of Cure.  You know, the best-selling Japanese exoliator gel.  It works exactly the same.  You rub it thoroughly then you'd get "dead skin cells" or those eraser crumb-looking things.  It's kinda amusing, really.

Although, main difference is that, this one is meant for the body, not for le face.

I haven't really used it on my elbows and knees, just on the heels (one time) and on the pits - coz you know, they need to have an exfoliation moment too. 😃

It contains Papaya Enzyme and Vitamin C that promotes skin whitening, Retinol, Licorice Extract and of course, Jeju Aloe Vera extract for that intense hydration.

To really make sure if those eraser crumbs are actual dead skin cells that got removed, I rubbed it on a glass surface.  I didn't get any crumbs so that means, those are only appearing if the product is used on human skin and it's not produced by the product itself. 😉

Quick FX Pimple Eraser (129 php)

Looking for something that can immediately dry out your flaming red zits?  Try this.

It has all other good stuff like Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C and Niacinamide that can help treat annoying pimples once they're popped.  This also comes in sachets but the tube costs only 129 php so either wouldn't hurt.

I only apply this in the evening time because it dries to a chalky white mess.  So as long as I don't need to go out, then no problem but otherwise, I would go for Celeteque Spot Corrector Gel.

On healing and lightening pimple spots, I'm still not sure if it's effective, though I haven't really used it for that purpose.  I don't use this as a post-pimple kind of treatment.  

The two huge zits I got left a mark but it's slowly fading, which I'm super happy about.

So that's it!  If I were to choose my favorite from this bunch, I'd go for the Pimple Eraser because it simply works and it's affordable.  

What do you think?  Have you tried any of these?  

your sweetest drug,

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