How to Create Double Eyelid + Tips

by - April 23, 2017

Here's how you can create double eyelids without the scary surgery.  No blood, painless and definitely no need for any scalpel!  Haha!  So, if you're ready to watch just click the link below.  😉

Watch it here!

As you can see, the fold of my eyes are not that prominent.  They're small and they look uneven most of the time.  For some weird reasons, I also wake up with a bigger fold on only one side sometimes.  That's why for me, discovering this technique was like the next best thing since sliced bread.  

I could now even out my eyes instantly and effortlessly.  Some eye makeup I do can also look better now.  

In the video, I used two tools but again, I prefer eyelid glue.  

I got the stickers from Landmark.  One pack with 30 pairs costs only 60 php.  These are one-sided.  I believe there are double-sided ones and others that are more transparent or in skin color.

The fold stays, same with the glue if I let them sit on my lids for couple of hours but big problem is that, these stickers are too visible with or without makeup.

I then discovered that there's a thing called eyelid glue through one of Pony's video (she's my favorite).  Coincidentally, I bought this eyelash glue from The Face Shop and I found out that it could also be used as an eyelid glue.  It even comes with the fork-ish thing that's supposed to be used when folding the lids.

Since then, I ditched the stickers.  Haha!  But if ever there's a better version of those from other brands, I won't hesitate to try.

I hope you find this helpful!  If you are one of those who are frustrated about their monolids, hooded lids or uneven eyes, let me say to you that there's still hope.  Haha!  😃  

Lastly, if you are new to this double eyelid thing and don't know yet where to place the glue/sticker, just try to find the right spot using the fork-ish thing or as what I suggested, a hair pin then, mark it by using a light colored eyeliner.  If you're happy with the size of the fold, that's it!  If not, adjust. 

after and before

You can always do the marking first until you get used to it.  It just takes practice!  You got this!

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