Celeteque Eyebrow Defining Kit

by - June 05, 2017

I'm actually more used to crayons and pencils but when Celeteque sent these to me, I thought why not play around with wax and powder more.  So if I'm going for a really soft-looking brows, I use one of these kits.

I got two shades - Medium and Deep Brown.  I'm not sure if there's a Light Brown kit though.

These have the same packaging as with the eyeshadow palettes and each kit comes with a mirror and a dual-ended brush.  The angled one is actually nice since it's thin, which helps shape the brows.

I initially thought Medium Brown would be too light for me, so I set it aside for a while and used Deep Brown.  Later on, I realized that the latter is too dark and it creates a thicker-looking brows, and even if I put brow tint on top, it still wouldn't match my hair color.

So lately, I've been using the lighter one and I love the taupe color it gives.

Medium Brown

I also like the powder here because I can use it as a transition shade.  Sometimes, I would apply it on my crease to create a subtle contour.

The wax is not too pigmented but that's a good thing for me though, because the color looks softer and more natural.  Besides, there's the powder to fill in the brows and the wax is more for shaping.  Well, at least that's how I use them.

Deep Brown

I also sometimes use the powder here as an eyeshadow.  

In terms of lasting power, they come off easily but only if you really wipe them off.  I have oily skin and the color doesn't budge even after several hours.  So as long as you don't rub them off, they would stay put.  A long-lasting brow mascara would also help prolong the product in your brows.

Both waxes look very similar but once you fill in your brows with the powder, there would be a difference in color.

They're both okay and I guess I could use any of them, but I find myself grabbing Medium Brown more often.

Overall, they do a pretty good job and they are kilay beginner-friendly.  I forgot to check out the price, but if they cost 300 to 400 php like most drugstore brow kits, then I would likely recommend them.  If you're into soft and natural brows, you'd love these.

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