Batch Review - 3WC, Miniso, Missha and Vitress

by - August 13, 2017

It's simply hard to find the momentum when your work schedule is so f*cked up.  I've been trying my best to squeeze in a post or even do the usual stuff I could do before (when everything was still normal and manageable), but my days have been nothing but draining.  Hopefully, things will do get better soon.

Anyway, here's another batch review featuring a couple of products I've tried out recently.

Vitress Hair Polish

This one's nice to have when you want to look and smell like you got out of the shower.  It also makes the hair look less dry.  

Miniso Eyelid Glue

Since the one I was using from The Face Shop is always out of stock, I had to find a temporary replacement. 

It comes with the stick but you know me, I rely on my hair pin to do the fold.  😊

Obviously, size is bigger and it's cheaper but I still prefer TFS eyelid glue.  This one is messier as well because when it dries, the glue is a lot more noticeable.  

I haven't tried using it to glue false eyelashes on, but I guess it will also work because it's really tacky.

Missha Brown Eyeliner Pencil

I don't use this a lot because it smudges even if I use it only to tightline the upper lash line, but I'm keeping it because I like how it creates fake freckles.  

I know I haven't showed you a look with faux freckles yet.  I'll make sure to work on that soon.

3W Clinic Makeup Pearl Mist

Since this one has tiny glitters, I don't prefer spraying it all over my face.  It also doesn't create a glowy look and takes several minutes to completely dry.  

Maybe on the body instead?

Good thing, even if it feels like you're spraying water, it doesn't mess up the makeup.  

Here, I used the brown eyeliner on my water line and I think it matches perfectly with the dark brown lipstick from Ofra.  I also sprayed some pearl mist on.  

That's it.  I'll try my best to post another review tomorrow.

Happy weekend!

your sweetest drug,

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