Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

by - August 20, 2017

Hopefully this week, I could finish more than two posts and also film a new video.  I've given a pretty long break from work so I have plenty of time to work on le blog and rest a bit.  πŸ˜Š

Few months ago, I did a First Impression video featuring the highlighters I got from Sephora.  I have already said the important stuff there but I still want to do individual posts and share more deets.

I picked two highlighters from Becca because well, it's Becca.  Haha.  I got this liquid/crΓ¨me one in the shade Moonstone.  A 20ml tube costs 972 php.

This also comes in a bigger size (with pump).

The formula has ultra-fine, light-reflecting pearls and the scent is on the powdery side.

It can be applied over makeup or mixed with your base.  I haven't tried the latter, but I'm planning to experiment on that and come up with an extremely glowy look.

I like applying it using my fingers and with a patting motion instead of rubbing it to avoid messing up the makeup base.

The glow it creates is undeniably beautiful.  It's sheer, natural and soft yet still radiant.  The effect is different compared to pressed powder highlighters.  On the face, you won't see tiny glitters even up close.

Even on my oily skin, it blends with the foundation nicely but the lasting power is limited to a few hours only.  Once my face starts to get greasy and I begin to blot, it also kinda wears off.

It slightly feels tacky as you blend it but it still feels light and comfortable.

It reminds me of how glowy cushions give a glow-from-within effect.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this Becca highlighter.  I also love the pressed one, which I would talk about soon.  A little amount goes a long way and a few dabs would give you a nice sheen, dewy look.  One watch-out though - the tube packaging isn't as forgiving so be careful when you squeeze!  πŸ˜™

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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