My Updated Skincare Routine (Korean Products)

by - November 26, 2017

It's been a while since I talked about my skincare routine, so tonight let me share with you new products I've been using for the past few months.

I could say that my skin has been behaving majority of the time.  Grease and clogged pores are a problem though and when it's either before or after my period, I do get a zit or two.  Good thing, the marks eventually fade.

Daytime Products

After washing my face using Kojiesan soap, I apply No-Sebum Toner by Innisfree.  I got this from Althea for 530 php.

It has a minty scent and it feels cool on skin.  According to the site, the formula is slightly acidic which would lower skin's pH level after washing since that part can strip too much oil.  It also has salicylic acid, which is a plus for me because it can contribute to a clearer skin.

As for the oil-control part, it can add another "matte hour" or few more if weather is nice. 

I'm actually liking this toner.  It's worth a try especially if you're into minty stuff. 😚

For my moisturizer, I'm using this interesting product by Lebaton.  It comes with 2 creams so the packaging has 2 compartments.

I apply the whitening cream before sunscreen during daytime.  At night, I use the other cream as a regular moisturizer.

The whitening cream is actually hydrating too and what I love most about it is how it brightens the face without the white cast.  It's an instant fix to dull skin.

Both are lightweight, which is important for someone who has an oil factory.  😛

As you can see, my tub is almost empty.  Haha!

Btw, Ban Ban in Korean means "half half".  So it's kinda self-explanatory why it's called like that.  I'm not sure though if Lebaton sells each cream separately.

I think you can also layer both or even mix the two.  It's just my preference to use one at day and one at night.

Lebaton Ban Ban Cream retails at 494 php on Althea.  That's a good deal because you get two creams already at 50g each.

Nighttime Products

To get rid of dirt and makeup, I use this facial foam by Aritaum.  It lathers nicely but sometimes, I don't find that it cleanses my face enough.  I would recommend it though for people with sensitive or dry skin because it seems to be working as a gentle cleanser.

I double cleanse using The Saem Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water (forgot to include this in the first photo).  It pretty much works as a micellar water.  I tried using it on waterproof and liquid lipsticks and it's good enough.

I also got it from Althea for only 270 php.

Before, I was applying toner as the next step after washing my face but ever since I've used Cosrx BHA Power Liquid, I decided to skip that at night so that the effect of this product would be maximized.

Like I said in my full review of this amazing product, it has made clogged pores more manageable and using this for several months seemed to have resulted to improved overall skin texture.

Special Care

Once a week, I exfoliate my face using Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off (310 php on Althea).    

I've already tried the black sugar and strawberry sugar version and I could recommend both.  However, some would find those abrasive and this rice scrub might be a better option for them. 

This can still get rid of roughness though and makes the skin smoother and radiant.  

I really like the consistency of this mask.  It feels like cream and because of the scent, I almost wanna eat it every time.

Since it's a mild scrub, I sometimes use it twice a week or when I do feel like my skin is getting a bit dull.

Also once a week, I would follow the scrub with this pore clay mask by Innisfree to really give my pores some TLC.  Then, once or twice a month, I use nose pack to get rid of the clogs.

If I feel like it, I would throw on a mask sheet for a complete pamper-me-day experience.  Haha!  😀

I've been using these patches as well to treat stressed eyes and sometimes, pimple marks too.  The formula has black pearl collagen, gold powder and amino acids to make that delicate area look less tired and dry.

One tub contains 60 patches.  They have a jelly-like feel so they adhere to the skin welll.  I love how hydrating these are.  

I'm not so sure what these do for spots but I still try to put on one of those round patches.  Haha!  😝

That's it!  I realized that almost all of the products I'm currently using are from Korean brands.  Perhaps, that's what happens when you're so hooked on shopping on Althea.  ✌

I know this could be a little too extra for some and that's okay.  You don't need a lot of products and a lot of layering unless you're into the Korean skincare style.  As long as you do the basic stuff, you'd be fine.

How about you?  What skincare products are in your current rotation?

your sweetest drug,

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