Batch Review - K-Beauty Mask Sheets

by - March 17, 2018

So this is how REAL, work-free weekend feels like.  Downside is, I have to deal with the crazy Saturday traffic.  Pft.

Anyway, here are 4 K-Beauty mask sheets that I've accumulated in the past couple of months.

I usually grab a pack or two whenever I visit Korean cosmetic stores or when shopping online.  I'm not a very regular user though.  It's not part of my daily nor weekly skincare routine, but I make sure to throw one on if I feel like my skin is acting up.

I've already tried a bunch of masks and I could say that one common thing about them is the boost of moisture.  Of course, others could do more than just hydrating your skin.  There are tons of variants to choose from and there's no such thing as hoarding when it comes to mask sheets.  Haha! 😀

A'Pieu Silk Blanket Mask in Gold

No chicken was harmed when these masks were made.  Haha!  😄

The sheet is rather paper-like rather than cotton.  I was intrigued at first because it didn't feel like the product was well-absorbed.  It didn't feel snug as well compared to the typical cottony sheets.

Formula contains egg yolk which is known for pore-tightening, royal jelly extract and Camellia flower oil to give you more radiant skin.

Gram Double Chemi Banban Mask

This one's the most interesting out of the bunch.  Banban means "half-half" in Korean (or at least something like that) so the mask itself comes in two parts.

The top part which is t-shaped is for the t-zone and the bottom one is for the u-zone.  Expectedly, this is one of the best choices when you're dealing with a combination skin type.  

I think what this mask does is pretty much self-explanatory so let's move onto the next.

Skinature Bird Nest Mask

I also enjoyed using this one though I admit, I had a "huh" moment after knowing that the key ingredient is bird nest.  I thought the weirdest was snake venom - the mask I showed you in one of my haul videos.  Haha!  😆

The sheet adhered well on skin and the formula was not sticky.  I even used it as a daytime moisturizer.

Hello Skin Jumiso Water-Splash Mask

Now, this won the Cutest Packaging award.  😉

The cottony sheet sticks to the face AF.  Like you could dance or do yoga and it still won't budge.  

Key ingredients include shea butter, lotus plant extract, hyaluronic acid and ceramide.  It also comes with a mesh which you are supposed to remove after securing the cotton sheet. 

That's all!

I've browsed Althea website and didn't find any of these, so maybe they're out of stock.  Anyway, there are a lot of other options including the ones from more familiar brands.  

This is a nice bunch of mask sheets - all recommended!  If I were to choose favorites, my top picks would be the Jumiso one and the Banban mask.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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