On Asking the Universe for Signs

by - March 25, 2018

At some point in our lives, we would find ourselves in the middle of life-changing decisions, drowned in contemplation of what seems to be pointless weighing of pros and cons.  

Maybe it's so monumental, it scares us.  Maybe it's a simple yes-or-no, yet we're still on the fence.  It's inevitable nonetheless and we just gotta take a step forward in one way or another.

How I wish everything could be answered in just a flip of a coin.  How I wish the universe could give a sign.  Or maybe I don't need it after all?  Maybe I know what I want deep down?

There have been times when I've made decisions out of fear.  It's like choosing a deceiving well-paved road over an eerie-looking path.  Now, I've come to realize that the scarier it makes me feel, the more likely things would turn out better.  As ironic as it sounds, it's like "it scares the hell out of me but it feels right".

I guess it’s totally fine if I can’t figure out what I really want in life just yet and which path I should take.  I’ll be on the lookout for signs because I know the universe would reveal it exactly when I need it.  The least I could do is work my way through my plans.  Each baby step should lead me to my goals.  And if ever my decision turns out to be wrong, which will happen for sure because I tend to be impulsive and careless (haha), things would eventually work out fine.  If not, well... what the hell.  Another lesson learned.  

So yea, trust the signs.  Trust the process.  Trust your gut.

your sweetest drug,

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