It's My Bong Cealer in Cool Born

by - May 26, 2018

Trying my best not to procrastinate this weekend and get my sh*t together to cross out at least two entries in my backlog.  Looks like I'm still staying at home tomorrow to get those stuff done.  Also, I've been wanting to film and edit videos again.  Too bad, my camera's screen is still acting up and I haven't brought my mirror here in my pad.  I would need something that I could put my backdrop on too.  Ugh, hoping I could do videos real soon.  😞

Anyhoo, here it is.  The last individual review before the throwdown of 5 concealers under 350 php.

This baby only costs 280 php on Althea.

I usually go for liquid concealers that come with a doe-foot applicator.  Pen types that either come with a brush or sponge tip are right up my alley too.

The product comes out easily as you push the bottom part but it's only saturating the sponge rather than oozing out.  I've used this a lot and up to now, the sponge is still in perfect shape.

I got the shade Cool Born, which is somewhat cool-toned.  It's a nice concealer color as it is light enough to brighten the undereyes.

It doesn't have that typical glue-ish scent in concealers. It also blends easily and has a matte finish.

Coverage is light to medium.  It could really perk up face by brightening the undereye area but dark spots could still peek through.  Here, I have a thin layer of foundation underneath.

I'm actually enjoying this concealer because of the ease of application despite of the minimal coverage.  Few dabs would do to blend it out.  Perfect on days when I only have 10 minutes to look less than a zombie.  Haha!  😆

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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