Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks in Loth and Mitchiko

by - June 15, 2018

Yep, you've read it right.  Who knew that a not-so common name would be used as a lipstick shade?  Imagine my excitement when I saw this.  If only there's no 't' and it's in a brown or mauve color (my favorites), it could have been perfect. 😊

Just recently, I talked about Detail Makeover's brow products, which I've been loving lately.  I also scored 2 liquid lipsticks a while ago for obvious reasons, of course.  Haha!  So here's my review.

A tube costs 225 php on the brand's website.  I bought mine on and now, you can get it for only 113 php.  

It comes with a doe-foot applicator just like the others.  Shorter wand and smaller sponge tip though, but I'm cool with it.  It allows better control actually.  The only problem I have with the packaging is the cap part because it got detached.  I guess it's just glued or maybe, I got a not-so good batch.


Loth is a warm brick color.  I thought it's a dupe of Colourpop's Kae, but that's way darker.

Mitchiko is a bright watermelon pink.  Not my typical lipstick shade because I'm not a fan of pink lips or wait, pink in general actually.  

Both shades are very pigmented and the true color shows even on the first swipe.  

Finish and Formula

Obviously, these are matte liquid lipsticks but it would take like a minute for it be completely dry.  There's a bit of tackiness as it dries down and formula is not on the lightweight side.  

One interesting part is the scent because these do smell like melons!  Yum!  😝


As mentioned, there's better control because of the wand's length.  These are also not patchy so even one dip would do the trick.

They do glide smoothly on the lips because of the mousse-ish formula.  

Lasting Power

These would definitely go in my list of top long-lasting liquid lipsticks.  Yes, they tend to be drying after several hours but if you're only going after the color that won't budge throughout the day or night, you'll make it work, right?  Haha! 😛

Mitchiko cracks up a bit unlike Loth.  Maybe it's just a little more apparent because it's a very bright shade.

I've also tried mixing the two and here's how they turned out.

Dupe Alert

I don't have any other bright pinks in my lipstick stash.  I have a lot of brown shades but I couldn't find a close one for Loth.  However, when mixed, they do create a hint a of mauve.  

Between the two, I gravitate towards Loth more even though I should be biased because of the other shade's name.  Funny thing is, I have so many brown and mauve lipsticks now and I'm not sure if that's coincidental or what.  It's like when I'm shopping for new lipsticks, I would pick the MLBB's first then, grab a bolder shade. 

So there, I really recommend Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks.  For the price, you'd get an amazing color payoff.  Not to mention, a variety of shades to choose from and what makes it a standout is of course, the longevity.  You can really count on it.  Well, except after eating a greasy meal.  Haha!  😚

What do you think?

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