Batch Review - Makeup from Backlog

by - August 11, 2018

How to deal with a long backlog of product reviews?  Put them together in one post.  Haha!  😉

I usually do individual reviews for stuff that I know I'd need to talk more in detail, but at the rate of how I manage my work-life-blog balance, I don't think I'd get to the bottom of my list anytime soon.

So here's a bunch of makeup and my thoughts about 'em.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

When it comes to drugstore mascara, Maybelline has the best ones.  I've already tried a couple of variants and nothing has disappointed me so far.  This pink tube is a crowd favorite, so I gave it a shot when I ran out of mascara.

I got it for about 300 php.  Their products frequently go on sale like they slash 100 php, so make sure to find the right timing. 😉

It doesn't become flaky and it doesn't easily smudge even when I become teary-eyed (for laughing too hard usually haha) or when I put on eyedrops.  Removing it could be tricky though because sometimes, even after washing, it leaves some stain on my under eye.

It's more lengthening than volumizing but the formula doesn't create spidery lashes.

VDL Color Correcting Primer in Mint

Green base is for eliminating the redness.  When I got this from my Althea box, I thought it would be handy when my face gets spotty.  I tried to apply it few times, but I couldn't see much difference.  

It has SPF 32, PA++ so you can even skip your regular sunscreen.  It doesn't affect the application of foundation nor the color.

The consistency is runny and a tiny bit goes a long way.  If you apply too much, it will just make your face too bright... and green.  😁 

The formula is a bit tacky and I don't like how it feels like it's just sitting on top of skin.  Like I said, it's hard to tell the difference so for me, it's like putting another layer of product.  However, as a substitute sunscreen, it could still work.

The Balm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

One of my favorite times of the year is when The Balm's whole online store goes 50% off.  Haha!  I would normally hoard liquid lipsticks and some face products.  When I needed a new eyeliner, I gave this a shot because I was impressed just by looking at the swatch.  After all, it's not so easy to find an extremely pigmented jet black eyeliner.

The brush also creates a nice flick but it's hard to go close to the lash line.  

Another problem is the formula - it's not waterproof.  It easily creates a mess and that's a big no-no.  Just when I thought I found the blackest eyeliner out there. 😕

Nyx Wonder Pencil

Here's a multi-tasking pencil that I'm actually enjoying.  Well, not mainly because it could do more than one job, but because of how effective it is on the water line.  

If you've been a reader of le blog for a while now, you have probably noticed that one makeup trick I often do is lining my water lines.  If not actually lining it, I would at least make it brighter by brushing on a white eyeshadow.  

I normally keep a white eyeliner in my collection but sometimes, it looks unnatural.  Good thing, I found this beige colored pencil.  

This can also be used for spot-concealing or to line your lips if you want a more polished dark lip color.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Brown (160 php on Althea)

I know I just recently raved about Detail Makeover eyebrow pencil and I still do love it.  However, there are times when I would need a slanted pencil for easier shaping especially at times when I haven't done my grooming yet.  

I would definitely put this one in my recommended eyebrow crayon list.  

It glides smoothly, comes in several color options and comes with a very nice spoolie.  I love how it creates a shade that still looks soft and natural.

Aaaaand we're done!  Expect a skincare version of this post soon.  😚

Happy weekend!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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