Makeup Video - Peachy Dreamy Look

by - September 30, 2018

After 14 months, I have finally released a new makeup video.  Woah.  #feelingaccomplished

Being able to film and finish a video (even if it took 2 weeks) is like a validation that I'm slowly getting used to this living-on-your-own phase and I could manage my time better now.  Oh man, it just feels so good to get back on track. 😌

I wanted to say "welcome back to my channel", but I think it's more appropriate if you guys say "welcome back" to me instead.  Haha!  Yea, I realized it's a long hiatus.  I actually had a hard time remembering how to do the video editing stuff.  I became rusty.  😑

Here's a peachy makeup look that I thought of after getting my hands on Colourpop's Fem Rosa palette, which I will talk about more on a separate post.  I also tried doing the drunk blush effect and fake freckles but I struggled because I didn't use the right product.  I had to use an eyeliner and blur the spots out using Nyx Wonder Pencil.

Click here to watch!

Basically, I wanted to highlight the peach eyeshadow and peach lips.  The freckles look too "drawn on" up-close and that's because I used liquid eyeliner (should have used pencil but couldn't find it).

Please consider this as my she-just-got-back video and I admit, I did a lot of errors in this one but hopefully, on the next I'd get to create a better look.  😬

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your sweetest drug,

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