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by - March 18, 2019

Breaking the usual weekend habit by going on an unanticipated movie date and bringing some spontaneity to my life by going to a boxing gym when in fact, what you planned was just wall climbing.  Hahaha!  Sure, siesta times are the best especially on a lazy Sunday, but sometimes, it's also good to trade them for other fun and productive (non-work only please haha) activities.  It's like being a stubborn kid again when you're always sneaking out just to avoid afternoon naps. 😂

Of course, an accomplished weekend won't be complete without a blog post.  Here's a review of another product I'm currently using.

L'Oreal brought one of their best products here in the Philippines.  It's a cult-favorite and even dubbed by beauty influencers as the best drugstore mascara.

It was just so timely that I was looking for a new mascara when this was put on a discounted price.  I immediately grabbed the chance to try it and here are my thoughts.

The brush size is a bit chunkier compared to others I've tried, but it can still coat the bottom lashes neatly.  It has soft, wavy and dense bristles that could catch each lash.

It can definitely add length and volume to my almost non-existent lashes.  However, because of the formula and the brush, my lashes do not come out separated.  They are rather clumpy and spidery especially on the second coat.

The first coat gives a nice feathery effect.  It's like I'm wearing natural false eyelashes.  It's one of those mascaras that could fake a lash-with-primer look.

I actually do not recommend going for two coats because it tends to just stick the lashes together.

Once it dries, it won't budge.  I haven't noticed smudging or flakes falling on my under eyes.  It is so waterproof that you would need to use a second cleanser to completely take it off.

What I do is, I will use my serum cleanser by Althea first to break down the product and then wash my face with another facial cleanser.  After rinsing, the strands will be mascara-free but it leaves a bit of a mess on the lids and roots most of the time.

To solve that, I would soak a cotton pad with micellar water and rub it to get rid of the dust-like residues.  Given its excellent budge-proof formula, I would either skip wearing it on casual days or brushing it lightly, just so I get a very small amount of product yet still enough to make my lashes a bit visible.

I would still agree that Last Paradise creates fuller-looking lashes without that dreadful mascara smudge.  My only gripe is the cleansing part.  Or maybe, if there's a normal version of this, not the water-proof type, that would work for me better.  Water-proof types are for special occasions anyway, right? 😙

Good news!  You can get this for only 399 php instead of 500 php until end of March 2019.

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