Sunnies Face Fluffmattes in Baked and Mood

by - March 11, 2019

I think my love for matte lipsticks will always be as intense as their pigment and persistent as how most of them last on the lips.  Haha!  Same goes for lip tints.

Creamy mattes, velvetty mattes, powder mattes and now, Fluffmattes, or as what they like to call it - modern mattes.  For those in search for the perfect matte lips, there's so much to choose from and good news is, you can find the best ones even in the drugstore.

Sunnies brought a different flavor this time with their Fluffmates - available in 9 universally flattering shades.  Right after the launch, I heard that it's really hard to score a tube and that made me even more curious to know what the hype was all about.

I really like the new frosted case.  With the packaging and presentation, you can't tell that it's only 345 php.

I got mine from Lazada, but they now have more stores around the metro and even one in Cebu.  You can check out their location here.


I only have 2 shades and I opted for one nude and one in a darker color.  Among the 9 shades, I heard that the popular ones are Milkshake, Girl Crush and Major.  However, you won't see any of the three here.  Hahaha!  😛

Baked is a terracota peach.  If you're into peachy nudes, this is a great choice.  It can complete a fresh makeup look.

Mood is a taupe mauve, which I think is one of the dark lip colors that would look great on all skin tones.

Both give the same intense color on one swipe.  Mood sometimes tend to be patchy when I'm doing a full lip, but it's still easy to even out.

Finish and Formula

It's undeniably matte (even the bullet itself), like without the "but".  Some matte lipsticks still have a little shine to them, but this one is really flat, yet not looking all dried up.  

It has this powder feel to it when it's on your lips and the crazy part is, it's weightless.  It gives you the color and the matte finish, yet it's like you're wearing nothing and it's hella comfy.  Amazeballs.  😄


Baked on cheeks and lips

Another way to describe a Fluffmatte lippie - a matte lipstick that glides like a dream.  Like I said, the bullet looks dry and the formula is powdery, but there's no tugging as you swipe it.  However, on chappy lips, Mood could look a bit messy and maybe it's the same with the darker shades.

When my "lipstick of the day" is Baked, I would also use it on my cheeks because I want that peachy blush effect it gives.  It is super blendable on skin and since it has a powder finish, the flush of color looks natural.

Mood is good as a blush too!  But I would only go for it if I do not do full lip.  Sometimes, I would just do a few dabs on the lips and go crazy on the cheeks.

Both can double up as a multistick, so I tried using it on my eyelids for that monochromatic look. 😊 

Lasting Power

So what's the catch?  

Well, it's the need for touch-ups.  Because of the formula, although it's not a creamy type, it transfers easily and there's some fading when used as a lipstick or as a blush.  The color would be gone after a burger or a slice of pizza, more so a delicious ramen and yep, after blotting too.  Hihi.  😛

If it's just for the weightless feel, shade selection and gorgeous matte finish, this definitely makes it to my favorite matte lipstick list.  However, if I have to pick reliable, long-lasting ones, Fluffmate is off-topic.  Nevertheless, price point isn't so bad and for most people, re-applying isn't a biggie, so I still think these deserve a spot in your lipstick collection or a space in your makeup kit. 😚

What do you think?  

your sweetest drug,

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