The Face Shop Watery Tint in Cherry Red and Red Up

by - June 24, 2019

What's up?!

So I know I owe you a post last week.  I had to skip one just to give way for a new video that I'm cookin' for you.  It's almost done and hopefully, I'd get to upload it on Friday night.  👌

For tonight though, I'm leaving you with another lip tint review.  Here's The Face Shop Watery Tint.

I got mine during the Buy One Get One promo, but individually, I think they are priced at around 250 php.  Not bad for a 5g tube.


Red Up is a true red while Cherry Red is a deeper red with some berry hints to it.

Pigmentation-wise, both are amazing.  They give off a rich, intense color on both cheeks and lips.


Although the label says "watery", the formula is a bit thicker than usual water-based tints.  It's like borderline gel-like in consistency.  My The Saem Water Tint is actually more liquidy.  

They both smell like sweet candy as well, but it's not something strong/irritating.


In these photos, I wore each on the cheeks and lips.  

As a cheek tint, they tend to be unforgiving.  Since they are very pigmented, they create stain so easily so you have to be quick in blending and start with a small amount.  Otherwise, you'd probably end up with super red cheeks.  Haha! #putokblushon  😜

To solve that problem, I mix it first with my BB cream to create like a cream blush.  That way, it's way easier to apply it since I get to control the color intensity better.  This is my trick whenever a lip/cheek tint is difficult to blend out.

Application is better on the lips - five seconds and you're done!

Lasting Power

Cherry Red

As expected, color lasts for hours.  Although sometimes, Cherry Red becomes noticeably uneven as it fades.  But both leave a nice stain even after eating/drinking.  

I have to say, I like both but I grab Cherry Red more often.  Anyway, both colors are pretty and perfect for that "lakas maka-fresh" look. 😚

Red Up

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