Detail Makeover Lashline Mascara

by - November 30, 2019

Some thing made this month one of the most amazing times of my life so far.  For sure, I'll let you guys know the deets about it soon.  That's also one reason why my November has been hectic.  Anyway, good thing I still managed to prepare this post despite of the busyness (and a broken camera screen).

Here's the mascara I'm currently using.  It's from a local brand called Detail Makeover and it retails for 249 php.

The formula is waterproof and it only comes in one color - black.

I like the rose gold accents on the packaging.  #lookingexpensive 😙

It comes with a rubber brush which is also bendy and tapered.  With its size though, it's a bit difficult to really get into the lower lashes.

I also find that it doesn't brush the hairs well compared to others I've tried.  The application is slightly clumpy too so I make sure to take off excess product or to apply it more evenly, I use a separate spoolie brush.

It's lengthening but not too volumizing, or maybe I'm just not applying it properly.  😅 However, you can depend on it in terms of long wear.  It never gets messy throughout the day and it doesn't make my lashes stiff as well.

I did one coat only when I took these photos so my lashes still look natural but of course, more visible and it really perks up my eyes.

When it's time to wash off, it doesn't create a mess.  No black streaks nor crumbs but I still want to double cleanse by using micellar water.

I bet doing a second coat would create vavavoom lashes but for simple makeup look, this mascara would still do the trick. 😗

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?