Year in Review - Highlights of my 2019

by - December 31, 2019

In life, you’d sometimes find yourself lost, stuck or trembled.  It’s not always a constant motion.  In one's path, detours and off-tracks are inevitable yet worthwhile.  It’s meant to break you then make you in the process. 

It was 2014 when I started writing a substantial year end post.  Looking back, I realized how much I’ve grown and how much my views shifted.  I did a quick read and the words brought the feelings I had back then.

There I was one, two, three years ago.  Adrift, motionless and beaten up.  At some point, I was in a place where I thought I’d never be out from or at least will took a while to overcome.  In betweens, I have experienced small and big wins and made my way through.  Every piece seemed to have fallen into place and here I am, pushed through life’s highs and lows.

I welcomed 2019 with my game face on.  Goals were written down.  Thoughts became plans.  Modestly speaking, it’s been a pretty good year for me, for us and with that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

So here's how the past 12 months went for me.


Big thanks to Althea Korea for keeping me in their Angel list.  I got to try almost all of their exclusive products.  

That unforgettable beach trip...

One of my 2020 wishes is more adventures with my favorite person.

A new hobby...

I found another way to destress and forget about being a person with responsibilities.  Hahahah!  

I turned 30...

Whew!  That's ten years of hustling.  In that span of time, life taught me that working hard for your dreams could pay off.  I realized how important motivation is.  How powerful it is to find what drives you to keep going.  How significant those setbacks and failures in the past are because as life goes on, the reasons behind those moments are revealed to you.

I don't deny the overthinking that created panic.  The excessive questioning if I have achieved enough or if I'm on the right track.  Ultimately, the worry from my pointless what-ifs and from assuming I have very limited time left to do other things I've been desperately wanting to do.

Going through existential crisis is hard but it will only be harder if you dwell on it.  Know that it's just a phase and look at the bigger picture.  At first, I thought 30's would be too short already and it would just be all about catching up.  However, after gaining a new perspective, I've embraced it.  I see it now as an exciting new chapter.  A milestone rather than a frightening stage.  

When you're going through the same, just remember that it's never too late.  It will never be.

To Singapore...

Then Taiwan...

A new home...

Another reason why 2019 became my favorite year.  

Big thanks to the people who made all of these happened.  Thank you for being part of one amazing year! 😊

And to this one who has made everything easier.  It makes so much difference when you know you're not alone when times get cruel.  To know someone always has your back no matter what.  

Of course, the gratitude isn't only for the good side of things.  I'm also thankful for the disappointments, challenges and the mess this year.  2019 taught me resilience, grace under pressure and more.  Despite of it all, my heart is glad.  

No one knows what the next 12 months has in store.  If life decides not to be gentle to me again, that's okay.  If people get to be difficult to me again, I don't mind.  I think I'm in a better mindset now to handle things differently (in a good way). 😉

I'll remain hopeful and focused.  I'll continuously thrive and won't let anything consume me again.  I'll try my best to make progress (even small), realize my dreams and prepare for the next big chapter.

Cheers, good luck and dream on!  Happy new year, world! 

your sweetest drug,

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