Pink Sugar SugarTint in Pillow Talk ang Truth or Dare

by - November 30, 2020

Noticed something new?

Yep, le blog has finally left the blogspot domain.  Hahaha!  😚

Just when my blogging has slowed down significantly, we got a more official name.  I was actually thinking of leaving this platform and move to Instagram since I've been very inactive anyway.  However, it didn't feel right.  I guess continuing at this pace would do rather than quitting.  Besides, all I want is for you guys to have another reference aside from your favorite vlogger. 😅

I don't always have the latest makeup releases but I always make sure to say a thing or two about the products I've tried.  Here are two lippies from the brand, Pink Sugar.


Pillow Talk is a pretty rose shade which could also pass as an MLBB color.

Truth or Dare is a daring deep plum.

Both have a nice color payoff but compared to other liquid lipsticks or mousse tints, they lack a bit of intensity at first swipe.

Finish & Formula

Sugar Tint has a thin, non-watery consistency.  The finish is on the matte side and the formula is slightly drying (darker shade only).  

I like the sweet scent.  It matches the name. 🍬


For a full lip color, you'd need at least 2 dips because it kinda sheers out.  As expected, the darker shade was tough to apply.  

Lasting Power

Both shades can survive a meal but unsurprisingly, Truth or Dare will become so uneven on the lips.

I don't see that it's leaving a stain like a tint though.

Dupe Alert

I found a color dupe (not the same formula) and it's Colourpop's Ultra Blotted in Doozy.

Actually, I enjoy Pillow Talk because it is a no-fuss lippie in terms of color and formula.  It also does not transfer onto my mask which is a plus.  However, you could get other long-lasting lipsticks/tints for 349 php in a bigger size and richer pigmentation.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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