Vice Cosmetics Aura Cheek Collection and Brushes

by - August 22, 2021

Oh yes.  We're back to posting once a month.  Hahaha!  😅

Actually, I'm just trying to keep le blog alive.  Looking back, it felt like a task that I needed to do but of course, enjoying it at the same time.  Now, I have that "whenever you feel like doing it" kind of mood.  I can assure you though that no one's stopping.  Pausing?  Yes, I got a lot of that as you might have noticed in the past few years.  But never quitting. 😉

So here's another set of products I've been trying.  These are the first ones I've tested out from Vice Cosmetics as well.

I got the Aura Cheek Collection which contains a blush, a highlighter and a contour all in powder formula.  The set was on sale too - from 395 to 275 php!

I also grabbed two brushes to use the trio with and they cost 175 php each.  They are both dense brushes and in very nice quality because they have not shed a strand after several months of use.

Aside from using them for the mentioned purpose, I also like applying face/setting powder with them.  

Now, the cheek collection. 

Porshur is not too orangey for a warm contour.  It doesn't load too much pigment which I like because I prefer building the color for bronzers or contours.

Shimmering is a subtle champagne-tone highlighter.  It looks glittery in person but it looks so pretty in photos/videos.  It is a highlighter that does not blind but I still love how it gives an iridescent, candle-lit glow.

Applauded is a mauve matte blush.  It's easy to blend too and has a better texture than the contour blush.

Here's how the three look powder babies look like under cool lighting.  

Here's under warm lighting.

I also made a video on Tiktok (@ichipestano).  Check it out here

What do you think?  Anything else from Vice Cosmetics you could recommend?

your sweetest drug,

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