Mirana Lewk 🌙

by - May 14, 2022

I've always been a frustrated cosplayer.  Hahaha!  Since I don't have the resources to go on full cosplay mode, I just play around with makeup.

Last time I did a Crystal Maiden-inspired look but didn't go for her usual icy colors.  Now, here's my take on Mirana.  Yep, I got a wig for this. 😆

Watch the video here!

I bought the Perfect Diary Wolf eyeshadow palette last year just for this makeup look.  Because of the colors and the theme, it reminded me of Sagan and Mirana.

I was unsure if I could do a proper smokey eyeshadow using the blue shades but I really wanted to make it the main color, so I just ended up layering them all over the lids.  Using the glittery silver shade on the crease was a random idea too but it turned out pretty.  Looks like I did a cut-crease with it.

I also thought I'd do fox-eye but it would just make the look fiercer.  And even though we know that's one of the many words to describe Mirana, I opted to tame her persona for this.  😅

Hope you like this one.  Should we do Lina or Windranger next?  

I'll do a separate post for the eyeshadow palette review.  

your Princess of the Moon,
Mirana 😉 🌙

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