Beauty Board - Strawberry-Chocolate Eyes and Tinted Lips

by - April 09, 2014

Here's another look I created, inspired by yummo strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  I gave neutral eyes a break and played with a very opaque color instead.  Pink was indeed a good choice actually for this first attempt because I instantly knew what to pair with it - brown!

If you take a look at my 88 color palette now, you'll notice that all non-brown colors are still alive and they seem almost untouched.  It's obvious that the neutral ones are abused and beaten up.  HAHA!  

Truth is, I don't really experiment with other colors, especially bold ones because they scare me.  I mean, it's almost 100% that I'd mess everything up.  Besides, I prefer putting the color on my lips, not on my eyes.  Playing safe, I always stick with brown, taupe and all those very-easy-to-love shades.

This eye makeup looks very romantic and sweet.  It's very young-looking maybe because of the vibrant pink and it doesn't look heavy as well.

Wanna try it?  Here's how.

Please don't mind my messy brows. :)

I'm not sure if shimmery finish would be nice too, but I suggest using matte eye shadows because they are easier to work with.  

This step will make the next color pop out even more.  

Make sure not to fully blend it with the darker pink.  We want to have that pop of pink for this look.

To emphasize the crease a bit, use a golden brown or light copper shade.  At the same time, blend the edges of the brown eye shadow.  This will also add warmth to the eye makeup, making it appear somehow neutral.

You can skip this but for my eye shape, I need to add more depth because my lids tend to fold and when I open my eyes, 50% of the color disappears. :(

This is NOT optional.  You'll need a matte white eyeshadow for your inner corners.  This will brighten up the look and it will accentuate the pink part of the eyes.

Pat on more pink if it looks washed out due to the blending.

We are not yet done!  Lower part needs some lovin' too.

This is my fave - white waterlines!  It makes the eyes appear bigger (though a little puffy sometimes).  Just be careful especially if you are using eye shadow because it's too powdery and it might cause some irritation.  I need to get a pencil ASAP.  HIHI!

It's up to you if you want to line your eyes.  Tight-lining would do.  Make sure to use dark brown because black looks harsh for this look.

You know this part already.  HIHI!

Wear falsies if you want.  Take note that white waterlines look best when paired with perky lower lashes.

That's it!  For the lips and cheeks, do whatever you want.  HAHA!  I recommend using pink tones as well.  And also, do not overwhelm your cheeks with blush.

Here's the whole look!

I decided to use lip tint.

I wonder if the effect is the same if I use other colors like magenta or green.  Give it a try and let me know!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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