Skin Care 101 - iWhite New Packaging + Pore Unclogging Routine + Whitening Pack Review

by - June 15, 2014

Hey there, skin care freaks!  Today, I'm sharing an extensive post about iWhite's new packaging plus step-by-step instructions on how to unclog those stubborn pores.  If you've read my post here, I mentioned that they also gave me a Purifying Essence that will help extract blackheads.  A bonus indeed!

This is gonna be picture-heavy (I know you guys love that.  More photos, less text.), so expect some more loading time.

The highlight of this post is the before and after photo at the end.  Yea, I know.  I'm brave like that.  HAHA!  This is #bloggerduty to the next level.  No edit.  Definitely real.  But I have to warn you, it's nasty.  :P

Here I am, going this far just to prove to you guys that iWhite's nose pack is really capable of taking out some of those accumulated dirt from your pores.

But before I share the routine, let me share the cool packaging first.

read the review here

I have to say, the sachets look waaaaay better now.  It's eye-catching.  I saw them at local drugstores and they're a standout.

Here's the new look of iWhite!

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Here's another product I tried and also, the cutest packaging design among the bunch.  Scroll down for the review.

It's basically a facial mask that whitens your complexion.  Make sure to use regularly to get noticeable results.

It's very easy to apply especially if you're used to their nose pack, because they almost have the same formula.  It could be messy though, but I'd still recommend using your fingers.

Facial masks are the perfect treatment to bring back the glow, moisture, radiance and elasticity of the skin because they remove impurities.  

This one is a peel-off type of mask - very straightforward.  First, apply evenly then, let it dry for a few minutes.  If you don't wanna peel it off, you can use a wet tissue or wash you face with water.

Here's the main hero in it's new costume!

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I've already did a review but this time, I paired it with the Purifying Essence.

With this new packaging, it's easier to open the sachet.

Now, onto the routine!

Of course, we have to start with a clean face.  Next, apply the Purifying Essence on the nose area and chin.  This will serve as a serum to prep your face before the nose pack application.

The consistency is very water-like and it's scentless.

There you go.  I want you to meet my large pores.

Make sure it's a little dry before putting on the nose pack.  It will start to feel very warm as soon as you apply it.

Now, let's remove those bad boys shall we?

Start on the you nose and spread it on the sides of the cheeks.

Again, you don't need to have a very thick layer.

To clean your fingers after application, use a tissue.

You know the next step.  Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.  Avoid doing anything that will make you sweat.

Now, let's try the whitening pack.

Apply this on the rest of the face.  Just avoid the eye and mouth area.  This is perfect for ladies who have uneven skin tones and dark spots.

I only put on a very thin layer.  The 2 masks look the same, but there's a slight difference when it comes to the consistency.

Time to take a funny #maskselfie.  HAHA!

I like to do this once a week, even twice if I'm not too bombarded with things.  It's really a great way to pamper your skin after exposing it to dirt and suffocating it with makeup.

Here's a tip.  When peeling it off, start at the bottom part and pull it upward.

Ready for the yucky part?  Here's what I got.

As promised, here's the before and after photo.  

It's normal for the pores to look more visible after, so don't forget to apply your pore-refining toner!  It's the most important step.

As you can see, some are still buried in there.  HUHU!  They are really stubborn!  They won't leave!  I hate them so much!  Good thing, there's iWhite! :)

When you do this regularly, you'll see improvements because pores tend to be bigger when they are clogged.  So, make sure to take away the dirt first.  That's how we can minimize 'em.

As for the whitening pack, I instantly felt a smoother skin after peeling it off.  I think I need to finish one or 2 sachets first before confirming the results.

Ooh, before I forget, apply your moisturizer after the toner.

With the Purifying Essence, I noticed that more blackheads were removed.  Yes, not all of them but it really helped the nose pack to penetrate in the pores.

What do you think?

You can find iWhite products at convenience stores and local drugstores.  They are very affordable! You can start with the sachets first.

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your sweetest drug,

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  1. Where did you get the purifying essence? Thanks!

    1. iwhite gave it to some bloggers. I'm not sure if they're planning to sell it too :)


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