Batch Review - Carmex, Four Beauties and Sparkle

by - June 04, 2017

Now that I'm done with my Sephora video, it's time to plan the next one for June.  Hopefully, I would be able to keep this pace and publish at least one video per month.  Well, as long as weekends are work-free, I think it would be doable.

Until the next video, which by the way is most likely to be a makeup tutorial (ehem, ehem 😏), expect a series of product reviews as usual.  I have a lot to test out like a bunch of lipsticks, Korean skincare and more.  You can also follow me on Facebook because I always share my new post there.

Today, I'm gonna briefly talk about my current lip balm, contact lenses and mask sheets.

Carmex Strawberry Click Stick Lip Balm (139 php on BeautyMNL)

I had to make a switch and choose a lip balm that has built-in SPF.  I think it's best to opt for something that gives sun protection while keeping my lips moisturized (and smelling like strawberries 😊).  So, if you know you're going to be exposed to the sun like when you're at the beach or doing any outdoor activity, protect your lips with this and of course, don't forget your sunscreen!

On an everyday basis, I apply this right after my skincare so once I do my makeup and ready to put on my lipstick, my lips will be smooth and prepped.  

If I don't have anything on top of it, the moisture would last for hours.  Otherwise, I would feel dryness.  Well, except for some moisturizing lippies.  Liquid lipsticks though are always the baddie, that's for sure.  Haha!  😄

The only watch-out is how ultra-waxy it is.  Sometimes, it makes lipstick application patchy.  What I do is, I wipe it off completely before lipstick, lip tint, whatever then, I will just re-apply in the middle of the day when I need to.

Four Beauties Wrinkle and Soothing Mask from Yeppunnonie PH

I got these when I joined a raffle for an event back in January.  

First thing I noticed is the packaging.  It seems unusual because I normally see the key ingredient like honey, rice, aloe, etc.

I didn't like the Wrinkle Mask because it gave me a pimple.  They are both very moisturizing though. 

The sheet is also different because it is thicker and doesn't seem like a cottony material.

Sparkle Contact Lens Natural Glow in Brown 14.2 (bought on Shopee - lespeleno2)

Quick side note, I got new specs from Sunnies last week and I'm loving them!  I was looking for this design for so long and it was a perfect timing because I accidentally broke my old glasses.  Don't ask how.  Hahaha!  #clumsyqueen 😃

So this pair is my "backup eyes" and I would only wear it when I'm filming, when I need to wear sunglasses or when I'm the mood for a brown eyes.  Hahaha!  😜

Here's a comparison - a photo from my Double Eyelid post.

These have a lower grade so things still look a bit blurry.  I can't let go though because they are pretty (okay, why am I writing a poem here hahahaha 😁).  

I prefer lenses like these as they look natural but still give an effect.  They are very comfortable too.  I'm planning to buy the gray color actually.  

So that's all!  I have a new post tomorrow so drop by again, okay? 💗

Have a good weekend, world!

your sweetest drug,

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