One Brand Review - Celeteque Sun Care Line

by - July 23, 2017

About a week ago, I had a belated summer trip with the squad.  It's actually quite unplanned and impulsive.  Perhaps, we all just needed a quick breatherz so one fine Sunday, we booked tickets to Boracay and decided to spend two nights in the island.

Of course, I made sure to pack my sun care goodies from Celeteque even if I wasn't expecting (but hoping for) a good weather.  July is usually the start of rainy season but when we got there, it was a bright, sunny day.  ๐ŸŒž

I got these back in March but I didn't get to go beachin' that time.  While waiting for a getaway, I tried to include the Matte Moisturizer in my daytime skincare routine.  I thought it's a perfect kind of a two-in-one product because it's mattifying and it doubles as a sunscreen.

However, I didn't like the thick formula.  It's difficult to spread out and it produces a very noticeable white cast.  

Its scent is nice though because it's not the usual sunblock fragrance.  It's slightly lotion-ish.

I can't confirm if it could really control oil, because when I put it on my face the first time, it made me look like a geisha, so I removed it.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

I guess I just really prefer a very lightweight daytime moisturizer and sunscreen.  I wouldn't mind using two separate products as long as they are comfortable to wear.

So as I was saying, I brought my sun care duo to the beach.  For the face, I still used my Innisfree sunscreen but for the body, I applied this Sun Defense Spray with SPF 50 (449 php).

I gotta say, using a sunscreen spray like this is so convenient.  It's also light and can fit perfectly in your beach bag.

It has a strong perfume-ish scent, which I'd prefer over sunblock fragrance.  It doesn't feel drying nor greasy when applied and what I like the most is the part when it gives a cooling sensation.

The formula is water-resistant but I wouldn't mind re-applying after taking a dip.  It also contains Vitamin E and sunflower oil that hydrate the skin.

I didn't get sunburn but I was extra prepared so I also brought this After-sun Gel (290 php).

It contains aloe vera and wheat extract to soothe and moisturize reddened or intensely dry skin.  It smells good too!

You can re-apply as needed especially if you have sunburnt skin.

As for the sunscreen spray, I also spritz some on when I'm wearing shorts or skirt on a hot, sunny day.  You see, sun protection isn't only for beach trips or outdoor activities.  Make sure to always shield your skin from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

Cรฉleteque Dermoscience Sun Care products are available in Watsons stores and leading grocery and beauty stores nationwide.

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