2017 Favorites

by - January 18, 2018

It's getting more difficult to find time to work on le blog given the current priorities on my plate.  Compared before when I was often swamped with projects, I don't have to deal with workload now, which by the way I'm not so happy about 'cause I miss that fulfilling kind of stress (if that makes sense).  The universe is requiring a lot of "adulting" from me and as much as I would like to resist, I still like the idea of having to face and manage everything on my own.  I don't know.  Maybe I just love to hustle.  Haha!

So that pretty much explains the lesser posts/videos and the frequent pauses.  However, please know that I'm still working behind the scenes.  I'm still trying on products and playing on makeup looks despite of my crazy schedule (wow, feeling celebrity hahaha 😂).

Anyway, I checked the stats to see what you guys loved last year and here's the roundup.

Makeup Review

I also enjoyed using this BB cream by iWhite.  The formula is right up my alley - lightweight, natural-looking and perfect for everyday use.  See the review here.

Skincare Review

I'm not acne-prone (thank God) but I still tried this line by Celeteque.  My favorite is the Spot Corrector Gel.  See the review here.

Batch Review

I've done a couple of batch and one-brand reviews last year and this one made it to the top of most viewed list.  Fewer products featured so not sure why though.  Haha!  

See the post here.

The Throwdown

Last year, I thought of starting a new series.  It's for you guys to see more options and help you decide which one to get according to your preference.  Too bad, I only managed to do 2 throwdown posts.  Another 2 are in the works so stay tuned!

Read the full post here.

Outside the Series

So it seemed like you got interested about Pinto Art Museum, huh?  Make sure to include it in your plans this year!  It's worth the 2-hour drive.

Most Watched

I wasn't able to sustain my monthly videos last year and hopefully, I could gain the momentum back soon.  Anyway, I'm glad you liked my BeautyMNL haul.  It's also my favorite because it's my first project in 2017.

2017 Hits

To give this post a bit more flavor, I thought of sharing these products that made it to my Most Abused list.  Apart from the ones below, there are a few more that I just couldn't put down but since I haven't formally done a review, I won't mention them for now.

Click on the product name to jump to the post.

Again, from the bottom of my happy, smiling heart, thank you soooooo much for showing love!  I know I didn't do well enough last year and I hate myself for that, but your girl will surely be back on her game.  😉

your sweetest drug,

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